Caught My Nephew

My stockings have been feeling sticky lately when I put them on. When I walked into my room and saw my nephew with my stockings around his cock as he stroked his throbbing dick, I knew he had been filling them up with cum. I grabbed him and put him over my lap. I spanked him as I told him how he was being a naughty boy for filling up auntie’s stockings. As I spanked him, I felt his cock jump and poke me. That is when I stuck my finger in his ass

Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex

. I told him to stroke his cock as I fingered his ass. He was going to use him whenever I wanted in order for him to be able to cum on my stockings from now on. I pushed him onto his knees and told him to suck on my clit. He did as I told him as he stroked his cock his cock all over my legs. I pushed his face harder on my wet cunt and rubbed it back and forth until I started cumming all over his face, that is when I felt him splashing his cum all over my stockings having my legs dripping with his cum. 

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