I Can’t Get Enough Dicks…

Gang bangs are some real nasty fun for an oversexed lil’ cock whore like me.  I am greedy for dicks!  I was fucked real good by a group of my Daddy’s friends (right after cheer-leading practice), about 10 of them.  Daddy had them over to watch the game and drink.  Mama was at work (she works overnight-16 hours).  My dirty holes were fucked and used as cum-buckets for over 14 hours, non-stop.  Daddy let me do lines off of the men’s dicks and made me guzzle down a lot of liqueur-like a good gang bang whore.  Those big dicks wore me out and creamed inside of me, over and over. I got smacked around too and pissed on.  They sprayed me with whipped cream and slipped and slid all over this little whores body.  I was passed around like a trash bag waiting to be filled with cum loads. Oooooohweeeeeeee-I sure had fun!

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