Call Me Mistress

CBT Phone Sex


Prepare to have your fucking junk wrecked with a few torturous rounds of CBT phone sex.  You will call me Mistress Reanna, you will only speak when spoken to, you will be restrained from moving and, most importantly, your pathetic cock and worthless balls will be painfully punished in every way imagineable.  To get them big, purple and puffy, I’m going to bind your shaft and ball bag with a thin leather strap, making sure to wrap it tightly to ensure maximum engorgement.  You should expect that I’ll have to kick them around a little and stomp on them with my spiked heels before I clamp it all down, that will be taking place.  A simple ball crusher on your nuts and cage on your cock will do just fine, I’m sure you’ll agree.  I’ll make certain you’re nice and hard so I can stick a sounding rod or two in your pee hole and jam them deep into your helpless dick.  You’ll be edged toward orgasmic ecstasy for hours before I let that miserable meat stick of yours have any sort of release, sweet or otherwise.


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