Brooke with a Fat Business Deal

Hello Sir, I know you have been noticing me at the office and I know I work for you. So I will make this brief before your meeting starts. I have a business proposition to make you. I will suck your dick on a regular basis in exchange for money for a fair price. You pay me a little extra on the side and you can have me whenever you desire, even after work. I know you are married so I won’t tell anyone. Besides I like the thrill of sneaking around the office and all over the city … It gets me really wet in my panties and soaks threw past my pantyhose. You are such a rich and powerful man that I can’t pass up the opportunity of not worshiping your fat dick in my mouth. So here are my fat business deal specials and don’t wait too long because this offer is for a limited time only. The Memo below will explain it all. So hurry up and call me, Sir. I will be ready and waiting for your dick.

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