I am owned. I have been owned by a Master for a while now. I just do not play at being a submissive woman, I am one in real time. However, I have garnered permission to play here with You, as my Master likes to know that other Men are enjoying His toy.

Some of the things that I very much enjoy are being used, being taught, being bound, and of course, being completely submissive to Your every whim and desire.

I am a sweet submissive play thing. I want You to feel like a King, feel like You are the most important Man on the face of the earth. Please play with me, make me Your phone sex submissive play thing.

I will do everything within my power to ensure Your happiness, as Your happiness is in direct correlation with my own. Please do not hesitate to punish if I do not perform to Your satisfaction. As it is expected that You do so.

I cannot wait to spend time with You. Until W/we speak again my One. I will await Your command.


    • nathaniel paul seel on February 13, 2019 at 2:01 AM
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    hey baby girl something about the thought of you laying at my feet or laying your head against 12 inches….here is something for the beautiful fallen angel………blue eyes painted in the pain of forgotten prayers, one last chance to find salvation and the touch that made the angels fall from heaven….I have seen how beautiful you are, perplexed by the stunning woman who is enveloped by the prayers of fire and flames……..thank you beautifiul fallen angel,,,,,,ps would love to know what you think of the dedication to you fallen angel from heavens prayers in the night

  1. I love the dedication of such a Dominant Master as Yourself, I am lucky to have such an amazing Master! Thank You so Much I am fire and flames of being your Submissive.

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