Brittany the Baby Sissy

Adult Baby Phone sex

I just had the sweetest little baby! Her name is Britney and like most sissies she has a kinky little fetish that involves wearing diapers and being carried around like a baby. Britney is a good girl but sometimes she gets very very naughty and requires a spanking! When Brit Brat gets out of hand, we bend her over our knees and spank her little booty! Her clit drips all over our laps but we love it! My favorite thing about our little white sissy is how and she is able to entertain me and the horny friends that I may bring around. Just about an hour ago, Britney was being held down by my 6-foot Amazonian neighbor while her daughter fingered her tight punani. Britney’s clits was dripping with passion as she got filled with dainty little ladyfingers. My neighbor’s daughter got so excited that she began to fist Britney’s little man purse until it exploded all over the sheets! We sent Brittany home limping and dripping and she doesn’t get more until mama says so. I miss her already and I can tell that I am going to enjoy this little baby sissy and all of her nasty little kinks. I hope Brit Brat is willing to take my thick heavy strap-on when she comes to see me again..

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