Bratty Girl Beer Pong

Bratty Girl Phone Sex


If you think my daughter is a coy little snot when she’s on the line having bratty girl phone sex with a head game loving loser, you should see how she treats the simpering sacks of semen who are always around sniffing tail and trying to get a piece of her tight teen pussy!  They’re so hard up for her high end hump holes and she fucking knows it so she just strings them along and teases the everloving shit out of them!  Who knows if she’ll ever actually put out for those poor pud pullers.  Lucky for them, her mother is always there to give them a cunt-solation prize!

One of her friends threw a keg party the other day and she invited me and my sweet mommy snatch to tag along with her.  I do love a good not-quite-college-aged kegger!  They’re full of hot music and even hotter bodies, plus there’s not a better place to find a bunch of young, drunk and willing cocks to let plow their way inside of me.  I’m pretty sure that’s why she and her gaslighting girlfriends like having me at their parties in the first place, to help with the dick deflection!  Not gonna lie, I don’t mind one bit.

The beer pong table is where all of the real action was.  My daughter and her friend are fucking pros and teased the guys they played with the entire time.  They flashed titties and bald little slits to throw the guys on the other end of the table off of their game, made out with each other, twerked a little, standard slut girl stuff.  It totally worked and none of the other teams could best my beauty and her bestie no matter how many times they rematched.

Most everyone was pretty cool about it, but when one of the starters from the school basketball team lost for the umpteenth time and couldn’t get a pity fuck from either of his hot ass opponents, he started to get mad.  That’s where I came in to play.  I cooled him down really quick like only a mommy knows how.  Like every man, he just needed to bust a nut and I have the perfect cock loving cum caves for him to choose from for making his drunken dick dairy delivery.  I started with a blow job right there in front of the whole crowd to help ease his fragile ego in a quick fashion.  When he was done with the head, he threw me up onto the beer pong table, rammed his rigid rod right into my pussy from behind and started pounding me really hard right next to my daughter. 

My girl just laughed and told him that her daddy does it harder, which was simply the honest truth, but still kind of messed up to say.  The best part was when he told her that it could be her in my spot if she wasn’t such a bitch and all that my hurty-flirty little girl said back to him was “I would be in her spot if YOU weren’t such a bitch, but have fun fucking my cum dumpster of a mother!”  The whole party erupted in a simultaneous “OHHHHHHHH!!!” and my girlie walked off with a few super hot young studs.  I was so proud!

I let the guy finish inside of me, but he didn’t do it with much gusto.  I think having the fact that he had to settle for fucking his beer pong rival’s mom instead of the real object of his desire just kind of took it out of him.  I told him he was fine and that he’ll find another pretty girl to try and domineer then eventually disappoint, but it won’t be my daughter.  Then I made him clean his jizz out of me with the shirt off of his back.  Fucking simp.


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