Bratty Blonde Bone Thief

Bratty Girl Phone Sex


My daughter is such a brat, she’d make a killing with her own bratty girl phone sex line!  She’s always taking the biggest bones that stop by to see me for herself and satisfying them without even giving my cum lust a second thought.  The little tramp!  I set up sexy hole stretching sessions to make my pussy feel good, not hers.  Whenever she gets the chance, she fucks the hell out of the random men I invite over for some freaky action and chokes down every last drop of their cock chowder before I even get there.  The worst part about it is that she’s never sorry!

My girl says that between her step dad, all of the married men in the neighborhood, the administrators at her school, the mechanics at the gas station who keep my engine revving, the owner and workers at my favorite liquor store and the mailmen/UPS workers/Uber drivers/Doordash delivery guys I accost, not to mention the myriad of boys she likes to bring home, that I get enough dick and should be willing to share some.  Sure, that’s fine and all, but she could at least wait for me to get there so I can have some of the really hard cock, too.

Every slut knows that riding a rod, even if it’s a thick anaconda of a cum stick, isn’t nearly as good as it could be if it’s already lost a load.  Sure, it might be hard enough to hump a bit, but it won’t be rigid enough to give me an orgasm, let alone make me squirt like I like to do.  My blondest, brattiest bimbo doesn’t care.  She’s going to take on every dong that she catches at our doorstep and she’ll probably send selfies to me while she’s doing it.  Fucking bitch.


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