Bow down and cry bitch!

cuckolding phone sexLook at me, do I look like the kind of woman that has to settle for a wimpy little bitch boy like you? No sweetie, you are a loser so quit your fucking crying and bow down for your Goddess! You exist to amuse me and to fatten my wallet, that’s it. You certainly don’t get to touch me in any way other than to clean up my well fucked pussy. I only fuck real men, men with giant cocks and an alpha dog personality… you are nothing like that. You have a tiny little micro penis, a little bitty clitty, a useless little nubbin that could never satisfy any woman! Tell me honestly, has anyone ever looked at that pathetic specimen and not laughed at it immediately?? I know that the first time I saw it I laughed like crazy and all you did was sit there and cry. You are a useless little bitch boy and you could never have a woman like me!

humiliation phone sex

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