Blowy in a Cab

Cock ControlI went on a blind date last night and I’ve got to tell ya it was the best date I’ve been on. So I meet this guy for dinner and drinks and you can just tell he’s loaded. And the way he stared at my body so openly I knew he was a dirty boy… I love my men dirty! We eat and both drink enough that we are feeling wonderful and he says “wanna go back to my place and fuck?” Um, yes please! So we get a cab back to his place but honestly we couldn’t wait that long. I pulled his cock out of his pants and start sucking. He’s moaning pulling my hair and telling me how good it feels. Tells me I’m a good little slut. The cab driver is making weird noises up front and watching us in the mirror which added to the the hotness of the situation. Finally my date pulls my hair a little harder and pulls my mouth off his cock and shoots his load right on face. So good! It was even better when I told him I was not going to fuck him unless he licked my face clean and swallowed his warm cum. He did! Great fucking date.

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