Boy cock lover submissive mommy Blair

My name is Blair and I will be your “go-to” mommy before long. I only have one son but he has LOTS of friends and, I love them like my own though. *wink*

Me and my husband have a very special relationship. We have been married quite a few years now and I am submissive to him. He happens to be one of those dominate men that loves to see me get owned and pounded by other guys too. He has always humiliated me in front of my son and as soon as my son was old enough to get a hard pecker he started dominating me with his daddy. There is NOTHING more incredible than being dp’d by my son and husbands fat cocks simultaneously. What my husband doesn’t know is that I have spent years wanting to be fucked by my son ever since the first time I took his boy cock in my mouth when he was very young. As in barely out of diapers kind of young. His little boy cock was just too irresistible for me not to want to wrap my lips around it. In fact after seeing his reaction the very first time to my tongue nurturing those tight smooth little boy balls I have been addicted to it ever since and there has been no turning back.

My husband thinks he is forcing me to fuck my son but I am loving every minute of it. My son thinks he is forcing me to fuck all of his buddies from school but my submissive mommy cunt lives for it!

Your submissive mommy slut,

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