Blackmailing Cunt

blackmail phone sex

I have so many naughty photos, videos and even voicemails from you. I basically have you exactly where I want you. You don’t want me telling your wife about your dark side and your perverted sexcapades do you? I am not above such behavior.

You will continue to buy me that makeup that I love so much. You will keep taking me shopping once or twice a week to get new designer shoes, panties and sexy outfits. I’m high maintenance as well as shameless. Keep me happy and I won’t tell a soul. Disappoint me and I’m going to blast your photos and videos all over social media. I’ll make sure they fall into the hands of your pathetic, unassuming wife.

Now that I’ve made my demands clear, what sort of fun would you like to have with your sweet little slut angel , today? My wet little cunt is yearning for your attention and I know you can’t resist it.


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