Black Cumwhore Slave

I’ve been in a very naughty mood this week!  I’m craving some humiliating attention from an abusive and powerful Master with a beautiful White Cock for me to worship.  Are you the One I need, the One I’m craving?

My pussy creams at the mere thought of Your Domination.  Put me in my lowly place, as Your black cum whore slave.  I want to be kept in a cage, naked, and taken out only when You’re ready to have Your way with any one of my holes.  Slap me, bite me, choke me with Your hand or Your cock.  Slam Your hard, throbbing pole hard into my juicy ass and dirty cunt.  Let me know that I’m Your worthless, dirty nigger slut, then cum all over my face and make me crawl back to my cage.

Leave me soiled, sticky and satisfied, until the next time…

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