Biggest Cum Shot to My Face

biggest cum shotMy boys had a snow day today, but I got the biggest cum shot to my face, which was like hot snow for me! They woke me up to tell me no school. I admitted that I was happy because that meant we could have a lazy morning in bed fucking. I am more of a night owl, so I was still a bit sleepy. They wouldn’t let me go back to sleep, however. They wanted me to suck their morning wood. I can’t tell horny boys no. I did a quick line to perk me up then I showed them my mommy cock sucking skills. They were impressed because they both nutted in my face quickly. We took a little break to eat breakfast and fuel up for a marathon fuck session. They only have another few days before Christmas break, so this was good practice. Of course, my mother will be in town to help with the boys. Do you remember when you were a young boy? You were one walking horn dog I bet. I have two boys with constant hard ons, so my mother fucking them allows me a little bit of sleep during breaks. I made a fire and we fucked on the rug in front of it for hours. We only took small breaks to fuel back up and pee. My wet bald pussy is full of boy cum as I write. They gave me some good family fucking today. I love snow days.

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