Better with Age!

Mature Phone sex I want you to know all the stories you hear of Grandmas spoiling their family are TOTALLY true. I completely understand it! See as you get older, like I am, then you realize life is to short and to fun to say no. And I carry that through my entire life! That is right! Call me a freak, A whore, A slut! They are all true. Yet they don’t even begin to touch to the surface of how dirty I really am. Like last night I had to teach the young man next door how good it could REALLY be! Oooh he thought he was hot shit. Ha ha ha . BUT… he was wrong. Poor thing had never even had his copper penny licked! He did know how good it could be to have a toothless blow job. And when I slid my finger in his ass he exploded everywhere! Of course I got him hard again. And again after that! Lol… He is hooked now. I ruined him for all the plain Janes out there. His ass belongs to me. And I know just what to do with it!  

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