Best day at the Gym!

I had the worst hard on today ! Normally I can hide it. Tuck it in and wear my slutty little dresses to drive all the guys crazy. But today I had to go to the gym at just the right time! A row of FABULOUS well-built men in little bitty shorts working out. Legs open… tight thighs and fabulous toned calves..mmmm And that was it.. my cock just burst forward and wanted to play. I had to skip my work out and go straight to the pool. I was hoping a good cold swim would make everything alright until one of the guys followed me. And then jumped in with a itty bitty speedo on.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and he swam right to me! I was glad my throbbing cock was underwater… I thought he couldn’t see it…. I was wrong. He reached out his hand and started stroking my cock in the middle of the pool. He drove me absolutely CRAZY!!! I mean totally fucking nuts! I was so close to cumming when he pulled me out of the pool and slipped me into the maintenance closet! It was so hard and such a turn on to have to be quite while he pounded me hard! When He finally came inside me I could barely stand!… This was by far the very best day at the gym EVER!

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