Best 420 Party Ever!

Drugs Phone SexToday is my birthday and my husband has the best 420 party planned for me ever! He has invited the guests, purchased a shit ton of drugs, I accidentally found them in our closet. I am sure it was suppose to be a surprise for me. I found a shit ton of coke, mushrooms, and pot!  There is enough for everyone to get as high as they want to on their drug of choice. He let me talk with the hotel catering service and I requested an open bar in the ballroom to make sure there was plenty of booze, enough to get people feeling as good as they want too. Then I ordered prime cut steaks and lobster tails with all the trimmings for dinner which is my favorite.Of course there will be a large variety of hors d’oeuvres served before the dinner and a huge raspberry filled chocolate on chocolate birthday cake served for desert.

The ballroom he rented is a very  large room at a gorgeous hotel in the upscale part of town, I can’t wait for tonight, it will be the best 420 party ever! I am so excited and want to see what surprises he has in store for me! I know it will include lots of great food, good drinks, getting so high I won’t know where I and and sexual abuse that will make me cum until my pussy and ass are as sore and painful as they can get without the need for an emergency room. I am such the coke head and pain slut that I can’t wait to be so loaded I can’t see or even walk straight! I don’t do a lot of pot because it gives me the munchies but I will be smoking it tonight!

I hope before the night is over I will be cum soaked all over my body. I am pretty sure I will be swallowing enough hot loads of cum to fill a kitchen sink, or at least I hope I will. His co-workers will be there I am sure along with a few of his clients and they all love to shove their cocks in my mouth all at the same time! Then when the party is over my husband will gently pick me up and carry me to the car, take me home, gently shower me and fuck me to sleep. Then tomorrow he will tell me all about the parts I won’t be able to remember. I am so anxious for tonight to get here that I can’t get to sleep from the anticipation of what tonight’s 420 party will bring! Don’t worry, if I remember I promise I will give you all the details the next time we talk or in a follow up blog. Are you as excited for me as I am for myself?

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