Bend Over Bitch

That is what I told her with my huge red strap on right there by my side…”Bend over bitch, your about to get fucked” I know she thought that tasty strap on was going on my waste and getting shoved deep inside her. She bent over all right and the pussy juice was dripping out of that pink cunt of hers. I could see her ass hole twitching as she wondered if I was going to shove this big red thing up her ass or her cunt. Inside I was all tingly and had butterflies in my stomach because she wasn’t about to get fucked by my strap on at all. See these awesome spiked heels with the spikes sticking out of the heel? Oh yeah baby I am about to shove one up that ass and one in that cunt for double penetration like she has never had before, while she is being held down. I am about to fuck this bitch up. My pussy is dripping thinking about it, and she is about to get the surprise of her life!

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