I Beleive in Taking What I Want

Half the fun is hunt. I want to enjoy the stalking. The watching. Getting so close to someone that you can touch them. Film them. And they never know I am right there waiting for the perfect chance to snatch them up. It is like great sex. The hunt is foreplay. It gets my pussy dripping wet. The more the better. But eventually you have to have more. You just can’t watch any longer. Then you have to take what you want. Just grab her. So exciting and thrilling. Like when a cock gets thrust deep inside you. You just know how right it is! And my very favorite part of the torture is the sex. When she dies it is the orgasm. But it all starts with the abduction. That is the moment you know how good it is really going to be. Are they are a screamer. A fighter. Will they just give up and whimper or try to bribe you. I am always looking for the screamers. I love to hear you scream!


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