Beaten Like A Broadway Bitch

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It was cute, the way I was whimpering. Or so they told me. Another hardened and studded strap of leather kissed me across my face. I screamed, to no avail. This one was brutal, and I was going to take this beating. I’d made a grave mistake, after all. I deserved every single shred of pain I was being dished out. I deserved to be treated like a filthy fuck doll. I was just a submissive slut, some little play thing for their amusement.

All of my humanity had been stripped away. I’d been snatched up as a young teen, and sold to a man with a mean streak a mile wide and a cock the size of a coffee bean. Every day he set me with the impossible task of making his cock grow. It couldn’t; he was a shrimp dick little bastard. But, if I wanted to eat, I had to try to please him.

So I would spend countless hours trying to make his shriveled old prick work. Every time I failed, he would beat me well within an inch of my life. I didn’t think I’d survive that, but I did. Now, to be swept back into the underbelly of sex trafficking, my stomach is sick. There’s no hope for me now.
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