Beach Day!

My dealer has been out of the good stuff for almost a week and I have been going CRAZY! I have been calling him 10 times a day! I just need a fix! He told me he cant get any right now. BUT he does know someone who has some. He would send him over to my house. This guy Mark wont sell what he has but he does like to share with friends. I just have to become his friend. I dressed the little ones in tiny little micro minis. Of Course NO PANTIES! And just little string bikini tops. I turned the heat all the way up. AND built a fire! I wanted it nice and warm. When Mark arrived I told him we were having a beach day! Come in out of the cold and enjoy. I introduced him to the little ones and he was surprised by their dress. He kept trying to avert his eyes. I could tell he was not use to little ones. But I could also see his cock stirring under his pants. He did get rather warm quickly. And I suggested he removed some of his clothes. The girls of course came running up to help! Pulling and tugging on his clothes trying to peel them off. I knew my little whores were “accidentally” rubbing against his cock. And I could tell he was loving it! Mark’s cock got so hard. And before he even knew it. My youngest had his cock out and in her mouth! He started to protest. Saying wait… wait. But that turned into just moaning. The girls gathered around him and had him stripped naked! Their tiny tongues licking his shaft and balls. And one of my girls even started licking his ass hole! He was moaning so loud. And I asked him If he wanted to fuck my girls. Of course he did! And I said I let my friends fuck them. But its better if he is high! He pulled an 8 ball out of his shirt pocket and asked me to share with him. MMMM so worth it! I did 2 fat lines and told him to fuck them all good! And he really did! Plowed each one of my little ones like dirty whores!  Even shoved his dick up my youngest ones tight ass! Friends make beach days more fun!


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