Be Honest… How Big Is It?

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex

If I bring a guy home and I find out he’s packing a sub-par peen after I pull down his pants, then the only kind of fuck action he’s gonna get from me is some small cock humiliation phone sex.  If your mini-me is extra mini then you better let me know before I get all wet and ready to ride, otherwise I’m going to be pissed the fuck off.  Trust me, you don’t want that.  You should really just be honest and tell me how big it is, this will go so much more smoothly if you do.

With some time to plan, I can work with a micropenis.  There are all sorts of things we can do if you give me a little bit of notice.  Yeah, your squirt gun is going to shoot out a shot or two within the first few minutes of us getting a little freaky, but that’s how really small pricks perform.  It’s OK as long as you tell me first.  If you put off real big dick energy but don’t have the genital fortitude to put your money where your mouth is then I’m going to get loud and livid.

I’ll make it easy for you; if you have less than six inches of sausage in your undies then you better tell me.  If you don’t you’re in for a strap-on phone sex surprise with a gaping finish.  Offer me some insufficient stump of a woody and expect me to just take it and I’ll offer up my own lengthy log of a dildo and expect the same out of you. The way I see it, one of us needs to feel something if we’re going to take the time to have sex with each other.  Since you decided to hide the size of your dick from me, I decided to hide the size of mine from you. 


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