BDKS White Bitch

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I am his black cock phone sex loving the white bitch. I would do anything just to get next to his anaconda again. After finally getting him on his personal cell I was graced with the living legends anaconda again. BDK aka Big Daddy king the one the only, the possessor of the great black dancing anaconda had his personal assistants drop off diamond dripping and designer clothes for me for another date with him.  A white silk tank that said property pf BDK embellished in chocolate diamonds. Booty shoots that Spouted BDK on the ass, and a white t-shirt with the words My wife belongs to BDKS Anaconda for my cuckold husband. That Blacked out black on black Ferrari pulled up to my house and the neighbors stared in awe. I hoped in and shoved my cucky smitten husband in the back seat. Off we went to a Gucci store-bought out for Personal shopping by my Living legend BDK, all just for me. My husband was behind us carrying my clothes and shoes and presents. I was like a movie starlet hanging in BDK’s arm. The flashes of pictures and the opulence that extruded from my former Dallas Cowboy and Redskin foot ballplayer. He has graced me with his time even though he was a billionaire and juggled business deals left and right. Ther is no other cock I wanted. I begging BDK IN the food court to just suck his Great big 13-inch Anaconda right in front of all the mall-goers. And when He spurted his load I was a cum covered white cupcake that felt as if she was on top of the world. cuckolding phone sex

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