BDK Treats His Sugar Babies So well

black cock phone sexBDK Is a blast and he has a huge cock for me and the sexy Cassandra to play with. I take it back, Big Daddy King Has the biggest, hardest, thickest black cock I ever saw. Cassandra is his number one sugar baby and he lavishes her with gifts like Versace Diamond embellished outfits. I love the bling saying she belongs to Big Daddy King. Cassandra called me up and told me to be ready to jump in the stretch limo. I asked where we were going, and she told me to look out my tinted window as we pulled up on the tarmac. It was a 757 with the words BDK blazed on the side! We were going to see Big Daddy King and his famous anaconda. I was so happy my panties became instantly drenched with pussy juice. WE boarded his private Jet, I had never seen suck magnificence in my whole life. I thought I was spoiled before. Cassandra laid back and spread her legs and told me to lick the Cristal Champagne from her pussy lips as a thank you! I did as I was told and when we landed the bell boys ushered us right to the elevator to a secret Penthouse on the top floor. The living legend was waiting for us. We each got a Gucci Black bathing suit with diamonds spelling out that we were BDK Property. I bet all those wannabe white boys are so Jealous of Big Daddy’s money and his huge 13-inch thick trouser snake too! I had never seen a house as big as this Penthouse. Gold and Italian leather and priceless antiques were everywhere. Big Daddy King Loves the extravagant life he has made for himself and loves to spoil his Girls. In the huge hot tub, we went playing and splashing in the bubbles begging BDK for his Anaconda. Please, please we want to kiss it and worship it, Big daddy!! Those Gucci compression pants slowly let that big black cock put and we kissed it and loved on it as he took a video for Instagram of us saying we loved the most famous BBC and giggled and told everyone that we belonged to the living legend and the magnificent Anaconda. Can you imagine two hot sexy women lavishing your King-Sized Black cock? When you are a billionaire with the biggest dick ever that’s how life treats you. We both were graced with a big splash of BBC Cum as a reward for being faithful Sugar babies. Envious yet?GFE phone sex

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