BBC DP With Me

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I was quivering as my dripping wet cunt milked down on the vibrator that my boyfriend had shoved deep inside. The bullet vibe taped up onto my clit was pulling me back to the edge of an oblivion orgasm. Number nine, to be precise. My man’s big black cock was slamming in and out of my once upon a time tight little asshole. My yummy titties were bouncing every time he pushed that meat monster into me.
This double vibration, double penetration was blowing my back out. The vibes were buzzing all over my body and driving my little overwhelmed clit crazy. I was pleading, and begging for more; I don’t know if it was to make it stop, or to cum all the fuck over again I’m not sure.
My cunt was dripping like a rainstorm, mixing with our spit and juices and sweat. He was fucking using me so fucking hard! Exactly like the horny slut I am is how he was using my tight fucking body. He was pounding away, rearranging my guts when suddenly he busted so deep inside me, I couldn’t help but cum right alongside of him. His entire body was shaking as nasty squirts and spurts of sticky cummies blew hard in my ass. I just knew my tiny fuck hole would never shrivel back down to being tight after his huge BBC had destroyed me.

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