Swinging for LGBT Pride Month

My neighbor invited me to her party this weekend.  I knew she was a lesbian, so I expected to see a little of everyone there.  What I didn’t expect was that my neighbor had a special surprise for me.  When I arrived, the decorations explained the occasion.  Then, I heard some folks talking about some of the events happening this month.  So, when I greeted my neighbor, I said, “Happy Pride Month!” like I already knew.  LOL  She was pleased to see that I was informed, and told me there were some people she’d like for me to meet.  She brought me to a married couple – swingers.

The couple was excited to meet a real shemale, and told me they had always wanted to experience someone who has the best of both worlds.  Well, who am I to disappoint – especially during LGBT Pride Month?  So, we excused ourselves to my neighbor’s bathroom, and I gave them an appetizer to the main course I’d planned on serving later at my place.  The wife loved that a bitch had a larger cock than her husband, and teased his nonstop about it!  She got off watching him suck my big black cock.

Later that night, I gave them both a dick-down that they will never forget!  I bust so many nuts, my balls were empty by the end of the night.  Sore throats, asses and pussy, they went home full of my cum.

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