Bad Girls are Good Cunts

Creampie Phone Sex


I’m a cum dumpster cunt bitch, and I want to make you happy. Can you see how very sexy that I am? I will do the fucking most I have all the bitching fun I will make your life a heaven, and a hell. Have some fun with me, babe, we can do it till the night is over and done. I’m the one for you I know how to be a nasty cum guzzling super fucking sex freak. Give me what you think I can take and give me more because I can take all of it. Would you like me to sleep with you and your homeboy because I love black men? I like big black dicks spraying my face with loads of cum, that’s what I want. I can fuck over five guys at one time, and I can make all of your cock spray loads of delicious cum. I’m a nasty fucking whore I know that about myself, and I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. I am not going to stop being me just because of some stuff fake princess. I don’t need a sanctimonious cunt whore in recovery coming and trying to judge my actions. I am a dream, and that is what I will always be as long as I have this beautiful fucking body. Look at my ass I mean isn’t it more than tasty looking? Don’t you want to bite my nice bubble booty? I know you want to eat me. I know you want to bend me over and make me touch my toes so that you can drill me with your long hard cock. If I make your girlfriend uncomfortable, don’t bring her around when you come around me because that only makes me want to fuck you. I don’t give a fuck about breaking the rules I like breaking rules I am a certified rule-breaking bitch. I don’t have respect for your girlfriend, and if she tries to say anything stupid to me, I will shove her face in the ground, and then I’ll stick my tongue down your mouth. Bad girls like me are so much fun, don’t you think so? Oh yeah and I forgot to mention I like big dicks and bad attitudes, I want a guy to fuck me hard and mad that’s the best.

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