Back To School!

I love going back to school! The boys get yummier every year and I get in more trouble…I just can’t help myself! I’m such a naughty little thing. The first week I was sent to the principal’s office because I got caught in the slide with Sammy Fischer’s firm dick between my lips. He was so close to giving me his salty treat when the coach pulled us out with our pants around our ankles. Sammy was crying when Principal Meyerhold was through with him. When my turn came I was so scared for my creamy little bottom. He was ready with the paddle and laid me on top of his lap, but even before the first swat, I could feel him growing and poking into my tummy. He pulled my panties down and spanked me while I wriggled around. My cheeks were so rosy and sore, but I could tell my punishment wasn’t over. The big bad principal took me off his lap, put me face down on his desk and spread my cheeks apart. Rubbing himself between my lips and getting me all wet. The boys just can’t resist me!

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