Babysitting Isn’t What It Used To Be…

babysitter phone sex zettaHe is always so cute. Well behaved. Polite. Well mannered. So when they said that he asked for me specially to sit with him, I agreed without hesitation. Almost as soon as his parents were out of the door he sat next to me and told me he knew my secret and that he asked for me because of it. Laughing at him I asked what he meant by that. He explained how the bathroom door was cracked and he saw that even though I look like a girl, I have boy parts too. I was to shocked to respond. Really, what was I supposed to say to that? He looked up at me with wide eyes and said it was OK because he had a secret to and I was just the person he could share it with. Taking me by the hand he led me to his room where he took a box from the back of his closet. I didn’t think I could be anymore surprised then I was already until he showed me his treasure. A box full of beautiful silk panties. He took them out one by one and explained how he had acquired each one.He was talking so fast I could tell he had been waiting a long time to tell someone his secret. He was a panty boy, a princess, but it was a secret to everyone, except me now. By the time he pulled the last pair out of the box he was breathless and flushed. I hadn’t said a word the entire time. He got a worried look on his face and asked if I was mad or would tell. After assuring him that I was not mad nor would I tell he asked if I could wear the panties openly while I was there.He asked me a hundred questions about how I got to be half boy, half girl. He went on and on all night telling me how he wanted to be just like me when he grew up. I can’t wait to sit for him again.

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