Babysitter Fucks for Extra Cash

Babysitter phone sex

Being a teen babysitter is a great way to make extra money so I can do things like go to the mall and out to eat with my friends.

However I’ve figured out slutting it out and fucking and blowing the dads of the kids I babysit is a even better way to make some cash. I’m a filthy whore anyway so what’s the big deal? I have the tightest,  juiciest and wettest little pussy eva! These daddy’s go fucking nuts to lick my box and slam their junk right into my asshole. They all get off on the fact I’m so young and “innocent” and they love to “teach me” things….LOL

I like already know more than these guys…but I play along and bat my eyelashes and play the giggly school girl game so long as they break bread and give me extra money for my extra services. Deep throating is my specialty I just fucking get so hot when an older man takes his rod and fucks all my holes. My pussy is so fresh it’s usually all red and swollen the next day from all the friction.

My pussy lips usually hang loose too after getting banged really long and hard. Guys just love to chew on the roast beef between my legs I get lots of compliments about them. Not to mention my beautiful little starfish butthole, guys love to lick all around the rim and shove there tongues deep into my sphincter which I totally love! Feeling their spit and drool all around my ass cheeks for lube gets me going.

So we usually just do the dirty deed on the way home after he and his wife have had their dinner date or whatever. He gets back dumps her off and I hop in the shaggin wagon and we fuck on the way back to my house for him to drop me off..nobody ever knows or suspects anything, we are so slick.

Getting a couple extra 20’s is just icing on the cake. Being a babysitter whore is the best fucking job!

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