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Sensual Domination Phone Sex for Men with Small Dicks

sensual domination phone sexI love sensual domination phone sex. I am a cock size queen and always in control. I do not do small dicks and I am never a submissive whore. What kind of domination you get from me is determined by you. If you have a small dick and big ego, you will see my bad ass dominatrix side. If you have a small dick and understand that you cannot pleasure a sexy woman, you get more sensual domination. I went for a massage yesterday. I was not there for a dirty massage. I do not need to have a random stranger work the kinks out when I have many black men at my disposal. The dude assumed I wanted the full-frontal kind of massage. I was willing to go with it until his little monster reared its small head and I laughed and passed. He was okay with that though. He said he gets that a lot and tucked the little guy back in his towel just like that. He went back to rubbing oil on my body and I decided he deserved a treat for not being the typical small guy dickhead. Most white men do not take rejection well. I flipped the tables on him. I was not going to fuck him. But I was going to give him the honor of worshiping my wet bald pussy. I sat on his face and oiled his body up as he licked me to a couple good cums. My experience has been that men who know they have small dicks will compensate in other ways like eating pussy. He sure did enjoy making me cum.  I let him rub his little monster as I came a third time on his face. I thanked him for not being a dick and he thanked me for giving him a chance to please me. If you are not a douche with a small dick, I may still give you a chance to please me.

Fetish Phone Sex for Pantyhose and BBC

phone sex fetishDo you have a phone sex fetish? I cater to many fetishes. Cuckolding, BBC, foot fetishes, and pantyhose fetishes too. I was dressed up the other night for an event with my husband. I looked classy and sexy. I had a black pencil skirt on with black hose. Some classic pumps and a white blouse. One of the young caterers was checking me out. I was checking him out too because he was the only black man in the place. He was a young guy, likely high school, or college. I thought maybe he was checking out my tits, but his eyes were looking down. It dawned on me that a young boy had likely never seen hose on a woman. His generation is always bare legged. I asked him to follow me. I took him into an empty room and let him feel my legs. He had this shocked look on his face as I put his hand on my leg. I saw the bulge in his pants get bigger. He was 18 and had so much to learn about sexy mature phone sex women. I was happy to teach him too. He was so handsome. And I could tell hung like a Black Stallion too. I pulled his cock out of his pants and rubbed it against my leg. His precum left a trail on my leg that was so hot. He had this wide-eyed look on his face like he was dreaming. I went down on my knees and sucked his cock. It did not take long for him to cum. I swallowed his young black cock balls deep. Again, he had that am I dreaming look on his face. I went back to the event with his cum matted on my black stockings and his cock on my breath. My husband knew just what I been up to. He knows that smell anywhere.

Mature Phone Sex Fantasies

mature phone sexWhen you are a mature phone sex woman, you get all kinds of calls. Mommy calls, cuckold calls, fetish calls… The list is endless. I like being a jack of all trades. Although I am known mostly as a black cock whore and cuckolding wife, I get a lot of milf calls. That is because I am a sexy mature babe. Young guys are attracted to my experience. I am attracted to their virility. Younger guys are stallions in the sack. They may not have cocks as big as black men, but they have stamina which makes up for their smaller cock sizes. I will not fuck a younger guy if he has a tiny dick, but there are plenty of younger men with 7 plus inches, which is still way bigger than my husband’s dick. Over the weekend, I cuckolded my husband with a teen boy. It was a surprise to me too because I had no clue the boy was that hung. He did not look like he would be packing much heat, but he had a 9-inch cock, and he is still a growing boy. He is my husband’s nephew. He is visiting us for a couple days and I had not seen him since he was just learning to walk. I accidentally walked in on him in the bathroom, and I saw his cock and lost my shit. He saw me checking it out, but he thought I was thinking he was too small. Not the case at all. I walked up to him and started stroking his cock. He calls me Aunt Vinny, which makes it hotter. I fucked him in my marriage bed. The place I sleep every night with his uncle. I made sure the boy knew he was more of a man than his uncle. He is here for the week and I will be making good use of his cock while he is around.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex and BBC

foot fetish phone sexFoot fetish phone sex is another fetish I have. I am known as a black cock whore. I do love my black cocks in my pussy, but I love them in between my feet too. I have big feet. I do not have monster feet, but my feet are a size 9. I know a cock is too small for me if my feet swallow it up. I know a cock is perfect for my cunt if the dick swallows up my feet. Jerome is one of my oldest and favorite fucks. We go back to the days before I was married. He has been fucking me since I was 20. We are about the same age; we met in college. He was the first black man I cuckolded my husband with and that was before we said our I dos. Jerome has a 12-inch black cock. He is several inches bigger than my feet. He also loves to fuck my feet. He has a foot fetish and a thing for white pussy. He is married to a lovely black woman who would not like to know that a few times a year he comes to Chicago to fuck a white woman he banged in college. What she does not know will not hurt her, right? Sort of like your wife does not need to know you like those big black dicks too.

When Jerome was in town this weekend, he could not wait to feel his cock in between my feet. I got a pedicure just for the occasion. I like to pretend I am making a fire with his big fat black dick. His precum drips between my toes. His pre cum is more than my husband’s cum. I made him cum once with my feet. I then fed myself my cum covered toes. The biggest cum shot, however, he gave to my pussy. I do love it when I can explore two fetishes at once.

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Hot Ass Sex with Brian’s Beer Can Thick 13-Inch Cock

hot ass sexHe wanted hot ass sex with me. I love anal sex. Brian loves my ample ass. He showed up for a late-night booty call last night and put me to bed with a smile on my face. My husband was not as happy. You see my husband watched Brian fuck his hot wife’s holes with his 13-inch beer can thick cock. He got jealous because Brian is a white guy. His cock is the exception, not the rule. I mean Brian is 10-inches bigger than my husband. That is a huge difference. Even a black cock whore like me is smart enough to not turn away a 13-inch cock. I told my husband to shut up and stay out of the way. Brian was just what I needed too. A hardcore ass fucking from Brian puts me to bed better than a bottle of wine.  I am a dominant woman, but when in front of Brian’s beer can thick cock, I am on my knees obeying his every word. He skull fucked me first. His cock is more than enough cock for my mouth. Hell, he is more than enough cock for any of my holes. I could not breathe. I could not talk. It is hard to do anything with a 13-inch cock in your mouth. He shoved his huge white snake down my throat balls deep. I gasped for air as I swallowed every inch. He saved his biggest cum shot though for my married ample ass. I bent over the couch and he rammed my ass full of his great white cum. Needless to say, this slut wife went to bed with a huge smile on her face. I will never say no to Brian’s 13-inch beer can thick cock. It was just the late-night booty call I needed to sleep throughout the night.

Biggest Cum Shot From a 13-Inch Black Cock

biggest cum shotI got the biggest cum shot to my face last night. It was from one cock too. Daryll paid me a visit. He is this hung older man I know. I met him in a bar an ion ago. He lives in Kentucky and is a trucker. He was passing through Illinois one night and the weather benched him. He ventured out for a drink and met me. That night, I went back to his seedy hotel and fucked his monster black cock. He is married to a black woman, but he loves some white pussy on the side. I told him I was married too, and I love black cock on the side. That was almost 20 years ago and now a few times a year when he is passing through Illinois on his rig, he gives his favorite white slut wife a call. My husband knows all about Daryll and his 13-inch anaconda cock. In the beginning, Daryll did not want a white man present killing his mood. Now, he will fuck me in front of my cuckold husband and shame him for not pleasing me. My husband salivates watching Daryll fuck my pussy. When his thick black mamba snake pulls out of my cunt, it is dripping juice. Juice from my cunt and Daryll’s dick. Last night was the first time Daryll let my husband lick my cunt cream off his throbbing member. My husband is a creampie phone sex loving cuckold. He slurped on his big member and cleaned it off so he could fuck me again. Daryll slapped my husband with his big dick and ordered him back in the corner so he could take care of me properly. Sadly, I do not see Daryll and his monster cock often enough. After Daryll left, I was a mess. Face and pussy cover in black cock juice. No worries though. My husband is a creampie slut.

A Mature Phone Sex Pussy Needs Big Cock

mature phone sexI have a mature phone sex pussy. What does that mean? It means it has a lot of miles on it and can handle big dicks. Big black cocks. I may be attracted to a guy but discover he is not packing any heat in his pants. I am honest. I tell the dude his cock will fall out of my pussy. Some guys take it well, some do not. Antonio did not take it well. I was wrong about him. He has a handsome Italian man. Tall with big hands and feet, so I took a calculated risk that did not pan out the way I thought. Antonio was not used to being rejected and he did not take it well. He had a 6-inch cock that no woman had ever complained about. I am not just any woman. I am a cock size queen. Antonio was a wealthy man who until he met me at the gym, preferred the company of younger girls. I told him they see him as a sugar daddy. His wallet matters more to them than his cock. Again, he acted like I was the crazy one. I told him 6-inches is average NOT big. Then I called up a lover of mine who is twice his size and showed him what a hot woman like me deserves. I cuckolded a man not my husband. Not the first time either. Some men just need a wake-up call. I gave him his. His wake-up call came in the form of 12-inch black cock. I have a young stud in the neighborhood who will come over in ten minutes if he is home and throw down any white man giving me shit about what I need. Isiah is 20 years old with a foot long cock. He is a college basketball player with a sweet spot for mature white women. His grandma raised him to be respectful to women and stand up for what is right. So, he put my disrespectful Italian greyhound in his place and put some more miles on my mature cunt.

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Training My Husband to Eat My Wet Bald Pussy Full of Cum

wet bald pussyI love to play with my wet bald pussy in front of my husband. It is wet because I cheat on him. After I fuck a black cock or some other hung guy, I like to taunt my husband with my creampie cunt. I let him know his reward for being my good cuckold is in my pussy. He crawls over to where I am sitting with my legs spread and licks up all the cum. He is a good clean up bitch. He is a good cuckold. Are you? It took us years to get to this point in our relationship. In the beginning, it was a do not ask do not tell philosophy that guided our marriage. He would go to work, and I would fuck black men in our bed and he would know and not know at the same time. I wanted more from our marriage. I knew he could not give me a big cock. I knew he would never make me cum. But I decided he could be my cuckolding phone sex partner. I groomed him. At first, he had no clue he was eating the cum of another man out of my pussy. He just thought my pussy was that wet because of his oral skills. I find that men with small dicks are often the best cunt lickers. They know they must overcompensate in other areas to make up for their small dicks. I trained him on my sloppy seconds, then we mixed in some voyeurism where he would watch me with black lovers. That led to fluffing cock and cleaning dirty dicks too. My husband is a wonderful cuckold now. It took time and training, but if I can turn my strait-laced tiny dick husband into creampie bitch and cuckold, imagine what I can do with you?

Hot Ass Sex in the Park

hot ass sexI have the ass for hot ass sex. Look at my big ass? Black men will fuck any white woman. They just love white women. Young guys look for boobs and ass. I have both. That is why I get so much attention from men much younger than me. It was finally a nice day in Chicago the other day, so I went for a jog in Millennial Park. It is by the lake and always crowded, even during the cold months. It has been hunting ground for me in the past, but this day, I just wanted exercise. I had a black lover for breakfast and now I needed some fresh air. Cabin fever had set in with the winter we had. A few school buses were parked near the entrance. All the museums are along Lakeshore Dr., so I assumed it was a school thing. One boy had escaped the museum tour and was hanging out in the park. He started following me once I ran by him. He followed me right to the bathrooms by the lake. He was flirty and bold for his age. He started singing that big booty song, Baby Got Back. I asked him if he as an ass man. He said he was a me man. Turns out that running got my blood pumping and that made my pussy drip. I am not normally a risk taker, but something about the sun being out and trying to get over cabin fever made me push the lad into the public bathroom. I took him into one of the stalls and showed off my big round milf ass. I let him pump his seed into my ass too. He did not last long, but under the circumstances, that was a good thing. I went back to my run and I was sure he went back to find his classmates to brag about the hot milf phone sex slut he just ass fucked in the park

Eating My Wet Bald Pussy Full of Black Spunk

wet bald pussyI made him eat my wet bald pussy. It was full of black spunk too. I went to get a massage. Not a happy ending kind of massage either. I just wanted the knots from shoveling snow with my husband worked out. The guy who was giving me a massage felt compelled to start talking about the Black Lives Matter movement and not in a positive way. Who just talks about that to a stranger getting a massage? He had no clue who he was talking to. He saw an upper middle class white woman who was paying $200 for a European massage and figured I shared his racist thoughts. Black Cocks Matter to white pussies. I had a plan. He was coming on to me too. What he did not know is that my pussy had the biggest cum shot of black cum inside it. I figure let him eat my black spunk filled pussy and tell him afterwards. He had a huge hard-on rubbing me down. I am a sexy mature woman. I get a lot of men hard. He was down to play. His dick was nice sized, but the bull shit he was espousing made him not fuckable to me. Now, I was willing to give him a dose of reality. I sat on his face and he marveled at how wet I was, assuming it was all because of him. I came several times on his face. I got up and started to get dressed. He asked about himself. I explained that I do not suck the cocks of racist men. I told him he just ate the cum of a few black men out of my pussy and loved it. I explained he now has a little black running in his body. Then I walked my fine ass out the door. The expression on his face was priceless. I am a black cock whore. Many white women are. Come at me with racist bs and I will put you in your place with a little creampie phone sex revenge.

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