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milf phone sexI am a bbc whore and a milf phone sex slut. Yes, I am known for big black dicks, but sometimes I meet a white boy with a surprisingly big dick. My husband has a small dick. I assumed his baby brother would have a small dick. Now, I have never fucked my brother-in-law or even seen him naked. Never had an interest, until I discovered his son has a huge dick. Dick size normally runs in a family. If a man has a small dick, usually so do his sons and brothers and his father too. My nephew is going to college in Chicago now, so he stayed with us for a few days after being exposed to COVID. He needed a place to isolate. His uncle and I have been vaccinated and we have both had Covid, so we told him he could stay with us. He feels fine, but campus policy is he must isolate for ten days which is hard to do in a dorm room. Aunt Vinny to the rescue. Last night, I did not realize he was in the shower when I walked in. I assumed it was my husband because my nephew has been using the downstairs bathroom. I pulled back the curtain to talk to my husband and found his nephew and saw that he was hung like a horse. I had no idea. I wondered how it was possible, because my husband is his father’s brother, and he barely has 3-inches. Was this boy adopted or maybe his father was adopted.  I was in shock. He was embarrassed. I told him to get out of the shower and come fuck me. He wasted no time fucking his uncle’s wife in his bed either. I rode his cock like a wild bronco. He was at least ten inches. So, he was not the girth of most of my black lovers, he was clearly the most endowed man in this family. He gave me a hot squirting pussy, which few white men do. He certainly did not act sick fucking me like a porn star. It is going to be an interesting 10 days.

Hot Ass Sex with a Size Queen

hot ass sexIf you want to have hot ass sex with me, you better measure up. I am sexy milf. And I want big cock. You must be at least 8-inches to have the pleasure of my fuck holes. Normally, I am a good judge of character. By that I mean I can usually size a man up. I look for bravado, big hands, big feet and height to determine the odds that the guy has a big cock. James had all the big dick markers. He most have been some sort of abnormality because he was over 6-foot tale. He had big hands and big feet. He was a cocky motherfucker. Kid Rock sings, “It’ not bragging mother fucker if you back it up.” Well, he was not backing it up. He had a small disappointing dick. He was surprised I would not let him fuck me. I told him he was a disappointment and not worthy to fuck me. I figured he would get pissy and storm off. That is what most men do who do not want to be cuckolded or deal with small dick humiliation. He had a surprising reaction. He started calling me Goddess and begged to service me some other way. Usually, cocky men are not so willing to be knocked off their high horse by a dominant woman. He knew he was small, but no woman had put him in his place yet. I made him rim my asshole. I made him clean out my cunt too. There were some tasty treats up in my cunt from the black lovers I entertained just hours before picking up this guy. He turned out to be a most willing and able slave. He did to mind tonguing my butthole or eating my creampie. I just love a man who knows his place. Do you?

Fantasy Phone Sex is Not as Good as Reality: Let’s Make Your Wife a BBC Whore

fantasy phone sexI love fantasy phone sex calls. Most of my callers must dream about a slut wife because their wives would never cheat on them. I know that is true. I know women want to stay faithful. I have known women who stay loyal when their husbands cheat. They stay loyal to husbands who cannot get them off sexually. They stay loyal to abusive assholes. Women are a different breed than men. But that is all changing thanks to BBC porn and women like me. I am a slut wife. I love my husband, but I do not love his dick. It is useless to me. It likely is useless to most women, but I will not suppress my needs to satisfy a fragile male ego. No woman should. If you have a small dick and your wife is not cheating on you, she needs to read my blogs and you need to call me for some cuckolding phone sex therapy. I can help you get your woman to cheat on you, preferably with some big black cocks. Once a woman goes black, she will not be the same. It just takes one big black cock for a woman to realize you do not measure up. I have converted my share of women. I consider it my call of duty. It is like my form of charity. I want to help women have the best sexual pleasure. In my world it is hos before bros unless the bros have big black cocks, then they are all for me.

Fantasy Phone Sex with a Young BBC

fantasy phone sexFantasy phone sex calls can be so much fun, especially when I get to play with a little hottie like Lacey. I have this caller who always has these hot racial fantasies for us to play out. This time it required a young accomplice. Lacey and I are both size queens. We love a nice big cock and we do not care what age a guy is if he has a big black cock. We kidnapped this young black stud with a freak of nature cock. The boy was super young. But his cock was bigger than any grown white man; even some grown black men I fuck were not as big as this little boy who is still growing between his legs. Lacey and I were in awe of this little lad with the freak of nature cock. Of course, we had to molest him. We kept him prisoner for awhile to service us. I mean what size queen woman would do anything else. You have a young boy who takes direction and is eager to please, add in a freakishly big cock for any age and you have every woman’s wet dream. We wanted this boy to impregnate us too. His young black sperm had a better chance of knocking us up than any white man. I am not dead yet. I can still technically be bred, but my husband could never do it with his pinky dick and low sperm count. Kidnapping a young boy with a big black cock was ingenious on our part. Lacey and I were doing everything we could to milk that little boy dry. We were greedy cum whores. Technically, what we did was criminal. But the boy got into being used for his cum. Lacey and I are a dynamic duo. We love big black cocks, even on young little boys. Size matters. Age does not.

black cock phone sex

Brian Loves Mature Phone Sex Women and We Love His Big Cock

mature phone sexMature phone sex women will always be popular. Younger guys love to fuck a hot milf. And older men love to explore their kinks and fetishes with mature women. I specialize in cuckolding and big black cocks. Guys who call me often fall into one of two categories. They are either milf lovers or BBC porn lovers. Then I have callers like Brian. A hung man who just appreciates a size queen milf with a  hot ass. I am a curvy woman. I am a slut wife. And I am a size queen. Brian has a 13-inch cock, so guess what? He gets to fuck me.  He is about 4 times the man my husband is. He is younger too. Brian has a big cock and the stamina to keep up with a horny housewife like me. Now, the last time I blogged about him I got some heat. Brian is not black. Sure, I am mostly with black men, but I am a cock size queen. I do not turn down big cocks. Why would I? I have had some Italian Stallions in my life and other big white cocks. I can fuck Brian and still have my share of big black cocks. For me, it is the size that matters not the race. I am not a submissive bitch, so no one is treating me like some desperate housewife. I choose the cocks that go into my pussy. And I want big. If Brian can give me a hot squirting pussy with his big beer can thick cock, then I would be a fool not to fuck him. I will fuck Brian in my marriage bed and rub my husband’s nose in the wet spot, so he knows I took a real man as a lover while he was at work. Brian has the goods to make this size queen feel good. Why would I say no to him?

Black Cock Phone Sex MILF

black cock phone sex

Do you like black cock phone sex? Most men do. Even younger white boys are calling me for some BBC stories. Younger guys like me because I am a busty milf. I am not afraid to flash my big tits to anyone who wants to see them either. I pulled my titties out the other day while driving past the park on the way home. A couple of boys saw me and chased my car down my street. I think they wanted to see more than just my big tits. My fans were two black boys and one white boy. I was happy to take on two black boys while the white boy watched. I invited them inside after I parked my car. I thought I might hurt the white boy’s ego not fucking him, but he just wanted to watch and stroke as I fucked his friends. He said he has seen porn. He knew hot milfs like me love big black cocks. Such an enlightened boy for his age. Took my husband years to understand my need for big black cocks. The two black boys had big cocks, especially for their age. They are a quarter of the age of my husband and still growing, but already bigger than him. Hell, the white boy was much smaller and still bigger than my husband’ dick. The two black teens tag teamed me while their white pal watched and stroked.  I was getting lost in the feeling of two big black teen cocks in my pussy and ass. But I could hear their friend slapping his meat and it was so hot.  The moment I glanced over to see how he was enjoying the show, I got the biggest cum shot to my face and he was a few feet away too. He spooged on my face. Big chunky sperm too. It was a huge load for a young white cock. I was surprised and impressed. His friends got jelly thinking I was going to stop fucking them. No way. Big black cock trumps any cum shot to my face. I did tell the little white boy to come visit me again, however. I am going to turn him into a BBC faggot like my husband. The boy is already halfway there.

Cheating with Black Cock Phone Sex

black cock phone sex

Ladies, if you going to cheat, cheat with big black cocks. I specialize in black cock phone sex.  I mean if I am going to cheat on my husband, I am going to cheat on him with the best cocks. I make female friends easily. And if I sense they are unhappy sexually, I get them laid by a black man and change their world forever. I made a new friend lately at my yoga studio. She is a trophy wife. Her first marriage, his third. He is an investment real estate mogul. Very rich. Very cocky. Very unfaithful. I asked her some questions and discovered he is also very inadequate sexually. She married for money not love.  I get it. Same with me kind of. I do love my husband. I just do not love his dick. There were no prenuptials or anything. My husband was on board with my needs. Not my friend’s husband. She loses everything if she is caught cheating. So, I told her cheat at my place with my lovers. I share my black lovers with my friends, especially my hot white friends who are not getting the cock they deserve. She agreed because she is in her sexual prime and horny as fuck. There is only so much a dildo can do for you. I invited a few lovers over and shared those big black cocks with my hot yoga pal. She went hog wild on those big black dicks. She sucked them and fucked them. She let my three black lovers give her a hardcore ass fucking too. She was squirting, panting, gagging and sweating from all the action. Afterwards, she could not thank me enough. She is going to tell her husband she is teaching me yoga in my home twice a week and get her BBC fix. Now, I do not think twice a week will be enough because once a woman gets big black cock, she wants it more and more.

Cheating Phone Sex with BBC is for Men Too

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex is popular with a BBC whore like me. You would think women would be calling me to find out how to get some big black cock for themselves but that is not the case. I do get the occasional couple who call me for advice on cuckolding. But most of my callers are white men who want that black cock all for themselves. I do understand that. those big black cocks are works of art. They are addicting too. Women need big cocks, and some men need black beauties. I help guys all the time get big black cock. I offer phone sex therapy to black cock faggots. Now, I will not try to cure you. I am happy to turn you into a black cock sucking faggot like my husband. I know where you can go to find black cock. I know how to perfect your cock sucking techniques. I can turn any married white man into the best cock sucking faggot in town I can help train your back door too for those big black cocks. I love telling little white dicked losers how to be the best black cock faggots. I can even dress them to look like good black cock whores. Black men do not care where their dicks land. Female, male, sissy it does not matter. A fuck hole is a fuck hole. If you want to be a black cock faggot, I am the right woman for you.

Phone Sex with Brian and His Beer Can Thick Dick

phone sexI love phone sex with Brian. He has a massive white cock. I am not usually submissive to white men, but Brian is the exception, not the rule. He can make me do anything because his cock is 13 inches hard. He is more than 5 times the man my husband is.  I am a cheater because I need big cock like Brian’s beer can thick dick. When Brian arrived the other night, I fell to my knees to worship him. I pulled his cock out of his pants so he could skull fuck his favorite slut wife. I would never let my husband fuck my mouth aggressively, but then he has a cock so small he could not gag a Barbie doll. Brian’s cock is so thick, I struggle to take it all the way in my mouth. He loves to make me submit to his big white dick. How could I not submit to it? A man with a big cock can make me do just about anything. I even let Brian fuck me in the ass. I thought I could handle a massive rod in my backdoor, but I was screaming for mercy after a few thrusts. I got no mercy until Brian nutted his massive load in my hot ass. His cock was shredded my milf ass. I can take some push in the cush, but Brian’s big dick gapes even a seasoned big dick whore like me. I will never deny Brian my mature holes, but damn, does he fuck me hard.

The Biggest Cum Shot from the Blackest Cock

biggest cum shotThe biggest cum shot is from big black cocks. One of the many reasons I am a black cock whore is for the cum loads. My husband cannot even fill a thimble. It is pathetic. He drips like a leaky faucet, but I want and need a river of cum. Last night, Damon was over. He is a 45-year-old black man that works with my husband. He is courier. During Covid, he rode a bike around town getting signatures on paper. He is in great shape too. My husband hired him with me in mind. What took my husband so long to bring him over is beyond me. Last night was the night that my husband got to watch his courier give his wife his big black cock and his big black cum shot. We ate dinner and fucked for dessert. Well, me and Damon fucked. My husband watched because he is my cuckold. His dessert was the cum that Damon filled my married pussy with. Talk about a huge load of cum. He came inside me for a full minute. He pulled out and was still spurting enough to coat my face and tits. I was drenched in cum. Damon had never been involved with a couple like us. He was unsure what was going on. Damon spent most his adult life in prison for dealing marijuana. He went in when he was 22 and got out when Covid forced prisons to parole felons early. My husband gave him a job. Trained him. Gave him benefits and will pay for his college education should he decide he wants a formal education. I love my husband. He is a wonderful man. He just has a tiny dick. We explained to Damon our dynamic and he was cool to fuck me in front of my cuckolding phone sex husband. He even got into it after awhile and ordered my husband, his boss, to eat his sperm off my body. My husband savored every last drop too. Now that I have met Damon, he will be added into our black cock cuckolding rotation.

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