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married men phone sex

I have been with a lot of the dads in my neighborhood, or at the very least, was lucky enough to suck their scrumptious cocks.
But there is this one dad that I want so bad! Most of the time, my opportunity comes when I babysit their rugrats but his little ones are a bit to old to need a sitter. His wife is so mean to him. He works so hard and all she does is whine and spend all his money. Then when he isn’t at work, she has this list of things for him to fix around the house. He never gets to have any fun!
Then one day, they put an ad out for a tutor for their son. That was perfect! I immediately applied and had my first session last Saturday.
His bitch wife was off with her girlfriends shopping and left her list of things for him to do.She was even making him clean the house!
I finished up with the boy and sent him out to play and started helping the dad. He told me I didn’t have to but I insisted.
I made sure he had a good view every time I bent over in my (way to short) cut offs. And I caught him staring as I scrubbed the floor on all fours with my ass high in the air just begging for him to plow it!
He was definitely getting hard but I knew, if this was going to happen, I was going to have to take over!
I sat him down in a chair and brought him a drink. I slipped my skimpy top off and rubbed my tits in his face. The poor thing acted like he hadn’t seen tits in years!
I knew what I head to do. So I dropped to my knees and pulled that fat cock out! It was so big and felt so good in my mouth! How could that bitch not want to hop on this everyday!
She must have had him trained because he didn’t realize that I wanted him t ram that meat down my throat! So I stood up and put one leg on the back of his chair so he could see my pussy. ‘Yes baby, this cunt is all yours. And is dripping wet just for you!’
I slide my hips down letting that fuck stick go deep inside my snatch! I was grinding down on him so hard, I tough the chair would give out!
Oh my God he was so good! He was slamming my young cunt with everything he had! I wanted him to cum! I wanted to taste all that yummy cock candy! I got up to stuff that bulging sausage back in my mouth and there was so much that half of it shot up and hit the ceiling before I could slurp it up!
Just then, the evil witch came home and we hurried and put our clothes back on. She dropped all her bags on the table and plopped her ass in our little fuck chair. Just then, some of his wad dropped from the ceiling and landed in her gourmet frozen coffee. The dad and I just looked at each other and thought hell was going to break loose but she never even saw it! She just took a sip and said, “ahhh, that is so good!’
We both almost laughed out loud!
I grabbed my back pack and said good bye. I can’t wait until next Saturday! I am kind of glad she isn’t fucking her man. That leaves all that creamy goodness for me!

Hot Squirting Pussy

hot squirting pussyDaddy doesn’t like it when I date. He thinks I am too young. If he knew about my babysitting adventures, he would spank my firm young ass! But he is out of town this weekend and I am looking for fun! So where does a girl go to find a nice older guy for a good time? well first things first, I need to get ready! So, I step into the shower and let that hot steamy water run over me, drenching every inch. I love the way my hands slid over my round tits when they are lathered in slippery soapy bubbles! I can’t help but play with them and pinch my hard, perky nipples! My clit gets that little twinge and I can feel my pussy cat getting wet and swollen. Cleaning that pussy is impossible when I get wet! The more I bub the soap around my lips and deep inside, the dirtier I get! So I soap up my cheeks and let my fingers slide in between my cheeks, feeling around for the rim of my tight ass. I have to make sure to get the little brown eyed puckered hole really clean, inside and out as I slide my finger deep in that ass! My legs are getting shaky as I finger my ass and I know I am going to explode at any minute! When I get this far, I can’t stop! My cunt starts to throb and I can feel it deep inside of me! It’s coming and I can’t hold back! I can’t even stand! Then my hot squirting pussy erupts like a volcano, gushing juice everywhere! All I can do is lay there in a puddle of my own come as my clit twitches and the shower washes over me and I realize, I am definitely past due for a nice hard pounding!


Babysitters do it better

babysitter phone sexI have been babysitting since I was young. I get more jobs than any other girl in the neighborhood but it isn’t because I am good with the brats or anything. I mean, normally, I make them a vodka milkshake and send them to bed so I can do what I want. But the dads like me so I get a lot of referrals. I had a new family last night and I think it went very well! I sent the brats to bed as usual and then hit the bar in the man cave! I was impressed with his stash! No cheap liquor! Nice! So I sat down with a bottle and got comfortable. I must have dozed off because I woke up and the dad was standing over me looking at the empty liquor bottle. He looked pretty mad so I knew what I had to do!  I got up and poured him a bourbon and handed him the glass. Without a word, he took it from my hand and stood there as I slowly dropped to me knees in front of him and pulled out his cock. I guess the other dads told him what to expect because he did not seem at all surprised when I deep throated his massive fuck stick! But I was surprised because his meat was much bigger than any of the other dad’s! He slammed my tonsils until I could hardly breathe! He knew he was giant! I could tell he was enjoying the sound of me choking on his enormous snake. But I had a reputation to maintain! So I reached behind him and grabbed his ass in each hand and pushed that fuck stick in even deeper! I took in every inch of him, letting him fill my tiny mouth and plunge my throat. He stared down at me, watching his meat disappear over and over again, watching me smile as he slid out and then the bulge grow in my throat as I forced him back in! Suddenly, he exploded and all that cock candy oozed down my throat! I swallowed every bit of it! His legs were obviously weak because he fell back into a chair. I stood up and took some cash out of his wallet and started to leave. I looked back and asked him, “Same time next week?” He just grinned and nodded. I just love babysitting!

Men Love Young Bald Pussy

young bald pussyMen love my young bald pussy. I bet you cannot stop staring at my cunt. I got into a little trouble yesterday. I shoplifted some panties at the mall. I should have known better. With this stupid virus, there are fewer folks out at the mall. A hot teen slut is going to have all eyes on her anyway. The mall cop had a boner for me. But that worked in my favor. I flashed him my young cunnie and he was putty in my hands. I told him he could play with my hot naked body for a few minutes if he would just let me leave with the cute panties in my purse. He was down for it, but of course he wanted me to leave the mall with his cum in my cunt too. Fucking Paul Blart the mall cop was better than getting arrested. I would not survive a night in jail. I am too pretty for that. I just thought of Justin Timberlake, closed my eyes and let the pervert fuck me. I knew he would not last long in my wet bald pussy. Men like him never get cunts like mine. I do not think he lasted a minute. It was thankfully quick. A small price to pay for not getting arrested. Being a hot teen slut means you can get away with murder most days.

Slutty girlfriend

Cum slut phone sex

My boyfriend loves what a little slut I am. He’s not a cuckold or a sissy by any means, he just gets off on having such a slutty nasty gf and he loves to share me with all of his friends. He brought home some of his friends last night to have a guy’s night in and play games and drink. They got a little drunk and horny and the next thing I know, he’s crawling into bed with me and asking if I think my pussy could take a pounding from him and three of his very well hung friends. I started getting wet just thinking about it! He lead them into the bedroom where I was laying naked in bed, with my legs spread and my wet bald pussy on display for all of them. I climbed on top of him and started riding his dick while one of his friends fucked my ass. The other two stood in front of me and let me suck both of their dicks. They covered my face with their cum while the other two creampied my holes.

Gangbang whore

I have a fetish for being used. I’ve been fantasizing about putting an ad online with my address and invited any guys who wanted to come and fuck me. I posted the ad with my address and left the front door unlocked with a note on it telling them to let themselves inside. I sat on the bed with my ass and pussy exposed. Guy after guy came and used my holes however they liked. Sometimes, a crowd of guys would show up at once and I would end up with a cock in every hole sawing in and out of me while a few other guys stood around stroking their cocks and getting ready to have their turn with my body. I was there the entire time letting them use me like a dirty little nasty slut. By the time they were all done with me, I had dozens of loads of cum dripping from my Young bald pussy and asshole.

Double blowjob

Cocksucking phone sex

I hooked up with two guys are the weekend and brought them back to my dorm to spit roast me. Before I let them both of them fuck my wet bald pussy silly, I dropped to my knees so I could worship their beautiful cocks. I’d never given a double blowjob before, but I wanted to appreciate both of their rock hard dicks up close. I sucked them one at a time at first, before sucking the tip of both of them into my mouth and swirling my tongue around both of them at the same time. I tried fitting both of their cocks in my mouth to see how far I could suck them both at the same time. They fucked me silly that night, but their first load of cum they deposited, they shot directly into my mouth at the same time. I’d never had so much cum in my mouth before!


Cocksucking Phone Sex

Sometimes I just feel like sucking dick. Even though I may not be getting an orgasm out of it, I still love to suck a dick. My pussy is always so wet and dripping with my cum while I’m down on my knees sucking a dick. I hate to sound like a brag, but I’m really good at sucking a cock too. I can deep throat even the biggest cocks and I fucking love it! Lay back in a chair and let me take over completely and just worship your cock and milk the cum out of it with my mouth. Or, maybe I’ll lay on the side of the bed with my head hanging off and let you fuck my mouth and deepthroat me like a whore. No matter how we do it, I’ll be wet as hell and rubbing my pussy the whole time. I can’t wait to taste your cum!

Sugar Daddy

Anal phone sex

I had been looking for a sugar daddy for a while when I finally found the perfect guy. Older, handsome, and loaded with money! He spoils me and treats me like a prize in public, but when he’s in my bedroom I’m his little whore. He knows he has me wrapped around his finger and that I’m willing to be the nastiest girl he’s ever fucked. He took me back to his hotel room after a night of drinking and shopping. He had dropped a ton of money on me and now he was ready to collect what he was owed and tonight he wanted my ass. After fucking my face and making me gag on his big cock, he turned me over and started licking my ass and tongue fucking me. My pussy was dripping wet! After a few minutes of licking my ass, I was ready to get fucked hard. When he finally started pushing his cock inside of me, I pressed back onto him and slid his dick deep into my ass and begged him to pound me hard. He gave me exactly what I wanted too! He fucked me so hard I nearly couldn’t take it. I really earned all the money he spent on me that night because the next morning I could barely sit down without wincing!

I swallow

Cum Slut Phone Sex

What’s the point of even sucking cock if you aren’t going to swallow? I don’t do it just for you though, I do it because I think it’s fucking hot to swallow a load of cum. My fantasy lately has been the idea of being on my knees getting fucked from behind while sucking two cocks at once. I want to be a real cum slut for a couple of guys and just worship their thick cocks with my mouth. Fuck my mouth, deep throat me, do whatever you want to me, I just want to be your cum swallowing whore and let you use me. I want my pussy fucked too, but I want each guy to pull out and cum in my mouth and let me swallow it all down. You can do anything to me, as long as I get to taste your cum.

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