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Trapped Fuck Bandit

If this didn’t happen, even I would never believe it!

I was playing in my new sex room the other day and I had a girl friend over.

We were having a little too much fun with one of the toys I boPhone sexught (but fyi…it works really well).

I was fucking her cunt really hard and she was twitching and twisting so much that her pussy actually pushed the toy so hard that she projected it across the floor!

That is one powerful cunt!

So we both had crawled under the sex machine platform to try to get it out when suddenly it collapsed on us and we were stuck!

We screamed for help for what seemed like hours and then we heard someone come in.

Thank god!

But as it turns out, who ever it was, had no intention of helping us!

I felt his hands latch onto my shorts and pull them off.

Roleplay phone sexMy ass was just sticking up in the air completely exposed and fuckable!

I felt his strong fingers slide inside my wet cunt!

Not that I minded…I was already excited from earlier…but I had no idea who this was or what he had in mind!!

His intentions became very clear when I felt his thick hard head splitting my ass apart!

He rubbed that fat head against the outside of my soaked pussy lips, teasing me and himself, before forcing his meat deep in my cunt!

The heavy platform restricted my movement! I had no choice but to take every inch of his cock!

He fucked me until he squirted his load all over my pretty lacy panties!

He must have nutted really hard cus he laid there with his cock stuffed in my cunt for a solid minute before zipping up, sliding my cell under the bed and taking off!

So, to the trapped fuck bandit…my number is 800 219-3930 ext 828…

You were fucking amazing and I can’t stop thinking about that hard cock!

Dear Amazon….

Phone sexDear Amazon,

Thanks again for having your annual prime day! I bought tons of fun things!

I got all kinds of vibrators and sex swings and chairs…it is a regular romper room for the sexually perverted!

However, I am just one tiny sweet young girl and I had no idea how to assemble all this stuff. I was so looking forward to just jumping right in and starting my own little fuck fest but now my tight little pussy is dripping and I am surrounded by nuts a screws (ha ha)!

So I thought, I bought all this from Amazon, maybe they could help a girl out!

And Amazon, you came through as always!

So I looked up  play set assembly, typed in my address and sure enough, you sent sent a couple guys over! Who knew!

They came with sexy belts and all kinds of tools!

I showed them my play room and one of the guys looked a little confused…explaining that this is not the type of play thing they assemble!

The other guy was more than happy to help!Adult phone chat

Watching these men make my little romper room was getting me even more excited! I love a man who can work with his hands!

I couldn’t wait to try everything out!

We played with everything!

The chair was perfect for sucking one guys meaty cock while having my tight little pussy pounded with the others bulging fuck stick!

The swing was so amazing! I was able to have a cock in my ass and a hard dick in my cunt at the same time!

I was getting fucked so hard that the plaster started coming off the ceiling!

But I loved it! My tight pussy and shit hole getting filled full of handy man cum!

We fucked for hours until the men were exhausted and I was dripping dick spit everywhere!

So I gave them a kiss and sent them home and then went straight to the fucking machineSo in short, I want to say thanks again for making my dreams come true!

Love always,


Amazon Rocks!


This One’s For You

Phone sexEvery once in a while, you get this amazing call that makes you cum deeper and harder than ever before!

Last night was one of those nights!

I had been a bad girl and I needed to be punished! I was so scared because I knew daddy was mad!

He had never hurt me before but this time, I could feel his anger as he came into my room!

I was laying on the bed with nothing on hoping he wouldn’t spank me!

But he did! His hands wrapped around my neck, fingers running down my back until he gets to my ass and then…


The sting sent waves through my cunt!

Then another!

I couldn’t help but whimper!

I knew he was disappointed in me and I could not believe how wet I was and getting wetter with each powerful slap!


Then he picked me up and cradled my small young body in his arms, rocking me as he slowly penetrated my tight young wet pussy!

I had never felt anything so erotic as he engulfed me in his arms, completely encompassing my body within his and he pushed his cock deeper and deeper inside of me until I was transported to an alternate state of euphoria!

Everything else had disappeared as he exploded inside of me, drenching my pussy with cum!

Suddenly it was like the insides of my body were rushing to my pussy, racing to get out! My back arched as if I was possessed by some almighty sex god and some sort of internal flood gate blasted open.

Daddy held me close as my body trembled with my new found orgasmic sensation.

How could anything else ever come close to this!?



Trading Favors

Phone sexI just got done fucking myself when my cell rang.

Normally I would lay there in a puddle of my own wetness but I saw it was my best girl so girl rules apply and I picked up.

She is really trying to impress her boss and needs an extra waitress for catering this fancy pants party. So I cleaned myself up and 1 hour later, with my favorite lacy thongs under my shortest skirt, I was standing there in a hot kitchen!

Her boss was this tall pretty thing with perky round tits and I couldn’t stop staring!

My girl grabbed my hand a pulled me over to introduce me and I could almost smell sex dripping off her!

Then this goddess pulls me in for a hug and her tits felt so firm against mine, and my clit got that warm creamy feeling!

She asks me to turn around and gives my ass a squeeze, letting her hands linger on my plump round cheeks! Oh my god, I almost came right there!

She told my bf that she did good and they gave each other an intense wet open mouth kiss!

Then my girl turns and leaves! I should have known! I was nothing more than a sex slave being offered up to her boss just so she could have the night off! The whore! Lol, who am I kidding…this slut was hot!

She grabs me by the back of the head and forcefully pulls me in as she shoves her tongue down my throat. I can feel her hand yank my skirt up and rip my panties as she finger fucks my cunt!

Her strong fingers are rubbing my clit and my pussy is gushing with each hard stroke of my swollen cunt!

She pushes my head down like a man with a cock and holds my face against her hot squirting pussy! I slide my tongues deep inside her, slurping all of her hot sweet juices!

I could hardly breath and my face and shirt were completely drenched but I have to say, it was not a bad way to spend a Friday night!














Teasing Older Men

Phone sexI don’t know what it is about older men but, damn, they turn me on!

I love watching them stare at me when I wear my little skirts and wiggle my ass as I walk by.

Normally, I am the one doing the teasing and making their hard cocks burst with yummy cock cream but this time was different.

My landlord came to visit me and check on things and he always stares. I love knowing he wants me so I planned on giving him the fuck of a life time!

Dressed in nothing but a short silky robe, I opened the door, letting it slip down off my shoulder.

I could see his cock start to get big and hard so I untied my robe and let it fall to the floor.

He picked up my young naked body and carried me back to the bedroom.

His cock was so big and so thick and felt better than I imagined as he fucked my freshly shave pussy!

The way he was slamming his meat in my tight wet cunt, made me want to squirt all over that cock! But just as I was about to, he stopped!

Just the feeling of his cock  sitting motionless inside me, filling me, stretching my fuck hole, was making the walls of my pussy start to contract!

Oh God Please Let Me Cum. He wanted me to beg. I could see that now and couldn’t hold back any longer!

Please Fuck Me!

I Need That Cock Pounding My Hungry Pussy!

Please Fuck Me Now!

And finally he pounded my cunt harder than it has ever been fucked before as our juices collided inside me!

Don’t you just love the first of the month!


Audibly Wet

Phone sexPutting on a show is what I do best. But nothing compares to the show you would see when I am on a call!

I always start out my nights in my dads office. He has the best computer and his office is on the other end of the house so I can have mind blowing orgasms without waking anyone! But he gets so mad when I make a mess in his chair!

It’s not my fault though! I just get so turned on talking to these men!

I am almost always wearing some silky lingerie in the beginning. The satin and lace against my skin makes me feel so sexy and that that phone rings and I am audibly wet!. You should try it! If you call me, you can hear how excited I am.

I love listening to my fantasy phone fucker as I play with my young bald pussy, and my fingers are almost never enough!

So, I always have a variety of toys to pick from to pretend my caller is really here, really pounding his fat cock in my pussy! Really fucking me until I cum!

Sometimes, I get carried away and you can hear the buzz of my vibrator and I have to turn it off!

But it’s too late! I start to cum and it splatters everywhere!, The chair, the floor, and we have replaced more than one keyboard.

I always tell dad that I spilt my juice and that is why it is so sticky and he gets mad and tells me 

But by the end of the night, I sneak back into my room into be more careful (ha ha).y big fluffy bed and crawl under the covers.

I smile thinking about the fun I had as I lay there pretending to sleep as my Daddy cracks the door to make sure I am ‘still sleeping’!

Cocksucking Phone Sex Slut

Phone sexThere is no doubt about it, I love a nice thick cock!

A good face fuck is fun on occasion but nothing is better tan a slow, sensual, erotic cock worshiping!

I love the way it grows hard in my soft wet mouth and fills my  face from cheek to cheek!

I love  covering it with soft sensual kisses, gliding my tongue slowly over every bulging vein, rubbing that thick hot head over the soft full lips of my open mouth, teasing you, making you wonder if I am ever going to wrap my lips around it!

I slide your bulging head inside my warm wet mouth, sucking gently as I roll my tongue playfully around the tip of that scrumptious piece of meat!

My mouth slowly, tightly slides down the length of our shaft until I am nose deep in your balls.

I inhale deeply and the smell sex and sweat intoxicates me!

I wrap my thumb and first two fingers around the base of your thick raging dick and start to struck it as I finally start to tug and suck on that perfect cock!

You are so hard! I can feel your cum racing to the tip! You can’t hold back! It feels so good and you want it to last forever but your about to burst wide open! Then finally! My sweet reward fills my mouth! I savor every drop as I roll it around on my tongue!

I take one last deep inhale, sucking in that smell that will be on my lips and hands for the rest of the day!Cocksucking phone sex



Neighborhood Welcoming Committee

Phone sexI love my boyfriend but I can never be faithful to any man. I love cock too much and there is this nice older man that just moved in next door..that is making my wet bald pussy want to pounce!

He is clearly going through a divorce and as the neighborhood welcoming committee, I think I should let him know that my pussy, I mean back door, I mean  my door, is wide open!

Wearing nothing but an apron and carrying a plate of cookies, I strolled over to introduce myself.

He was wearing just shorts and was all sweaty and his cock started to grow the second he opened that door! I couldn’t wait to see what was growing under those shorts!

I almost dropped my cookies as I slammed the door shut and jumped on him, wrapping my legs around his waist!

He was a total stranger yet somehow, he was driving me mad with this overwhelming need to worship his cock! It was so big that I was actually excited and scared at the same time!

I started licking his big fat cock head, and licking his entire shaft!  He was so yummy and he was rock fucking hard!

Then he grabs my hips and pulls me down on top of him, sliding that thick meat in my tightly clenched cunt, inch by inchdeeper and deeper, until he was balls deep!

It was so fucking big and it hurt but somehow the pain made it even more erotic. And once my tight cunt relaxed and grabbed hold of that giant dick, he started really fucking me, fast and hard with his mile long dong!

He came so deep inside me, it didn’t start oozing out for days!

I am really going to have a lot of fun with my new naughty neighbor!

Waxing the Pews

Phone sexDon’t let this sweet innocent face fool you!

I am a dirty little slut! I will spread my legs for anyone anytime You, your dad, hell even my dad!

You can act like you don’t want me but that is just going to make it fun!

My profile says Girl Friend Experience….if by that, they mean being a cock tease to all your friends, then yeah, I guess.

If I want you, your mine. Just ask Reverend Richards.

He used to be the Reverend at the little white church on the corner. Till I came along!

I always wore the tightest little squirts to church and I would catch him looking. Then I would sit in his office with my legs up on his desk….spread wider than the heavens.

I would have questions about passages in the bible, ya know, fornication stuff.

I would always make sure to leave my milky white wet spot in his chair for him to see.

Then last Thursday, I was feeling a little spiritual and thought I would stroll into town for a quickie…I mean a bible lesson.

He was on his knees waxing the pews when I walked in and sat right in front of his face.

“Miss Shyla”, he said, “You forgot to put on panties this morning!’

“Oh no, Reverend Richards! They just got a little damp on my over so I thought I would take them off…see?” as I pulled them out of my bra and stuffed them in his gaping mouth!

I saw him get rock hard and I knew I had him!

It was so hot humming hymnals while I hummed on him! I couldn’t help but play with my clit while a blew his rod! I was about ready to cum and I think it was turning him on because he was just about to explode in my mouth when he yanked his cock out and blew his load all over my face!

With his meat still twitching in my hand I thought this would be a great time for a selfie! I whipped out my cell and snapped the cuttest pic of me holding his cock and his load running down my face! Now this is going to go viral!




You Can’t Fool A Cunt With A Fake Cock

Phone sexThe hardest part is waiting!

I It is pure torture! I sit in this big bed, thinking about you and it just isn’t fair.

I know you are thinking about me and I know it is getting you hard!

I can’t get that yummy sausage out of my mind! Every time i think about it, I start touching myself! I run my fingers along my inner thigh, up my tight belly until I get to me perfect round tits.I squeeze them just a little and my back starts to arch!

I start to feel that warm rush of creamy sweetness and I realize how much power you have over me!

My mouth starts to water as I imagine my tongue licking every inch of that shaft! I can almost feel you velvety skin as I hold that perfect piece or hard thick meat!

I pinch my hard nipple with one hand and let the other find it’s way back to my freshly shaved soft little pussy. Do I dare start fucking myself?

It’s not the same without you but I am aching for you cock and I just want to scream!

I start to rub my clit and I am already so close!

I want to wait for you but I can’t! I need you now!, so I grab My favorite toy and plunge it in my cunt! I Imagine how hard you fuck me as I try to pound my pussy with your stand in cock!

Of fuck baby! I am going to explode! But my cunt knows your dick and she knows this pathetic little stand in isn’t you! And she isn’t cumming for anyone but you!

So I did the only thing I could do, I took that sloppy wet cock and stuck it straight up my ass!

It was all I could do to stop from screaming your name with every burst of squirting sugar that shot out of me!

So now I lay here in bed soaked with my own cum, waiting, again, for you. My ass might not care who fucks her but my cunt wants what my cunt wants!

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