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Naughty Neighbor Tease

I have this naughty neighbor that has been watching me ever since my tight pussy was naturally bald!

I swear he even strokes his cock on the other side of the fence but I can’t prove it!

All I know is his furry fido is always licking that spot in the fence when he walks away!

Well this time I caught him with his hand full!

Phone SexI thought it was so sweet that he was hard for me so the least I could do is give him what he wanted!

So I pretended I didn’t see him peeking in my window and I just laid back on my bed and let my fingers explore my tiny little shaved pussy lips!

I have to admit, I was so wet and it felt so good, I almost forgot about my peeper!

I spread my legs further apart so he could get a nice view of my twitching clit!

Mmmm, I reached for my favorite vibe and slipped it deep in my aching cunt!

I peeked out of the corner of my eye and my neighbor was stroking his throbbing hard cock like he was going to yank it clean off!

The idea of him cumming for me was sending me right over the edge and I know I was about ready to explode!

Then I caught his eye and I gave him a little wink before I squirted all over the window in front of his face!

I thought He would run but instead, he leaned in and started licking his side of the window!

I have to say, the way he was licking, I think I am going to invite him in next time!

I could use some tongue action like that!

Second Hand Left Overs


Phone SexI love a hot guy with a strong hard cock!

I love sucking that meat all day long…some people like day drinking…i prefer day sucking!

Men can tell that I like it because I don’t just lick it a little and put in in my mouth!

No sir! I know what an amazing thing you have there and I love worshiping it!

Other girls call me a slut and a whore but that is just because they are so uptight that they couldn’t even please a virgin who didn’t know anything!

Then last week this guy came up to me and told me that he wished his girl was like me.

I told him that I would be more than happy to teach her a little something!

So the second he left the room, I grabbed his ho by the hair and cuffed her to the kitchen chair!

Then when he came back, I started sucking that cock like it was holding the last drop of cum on earth!

I deep throated his heat and worshiped his nuts before I jumped in his lap and rode his cock long and hard!

She watched and whimpered and I laughed because this is the fun part!

I pushed her face down on the dirty floor and slid my pussy all over her face, unloading all the hot creamy cum on her mouth!

Do you like the taste of that pussy, whore? Your boyfriend did!

Now eat his hot chunky load!

Next time she better remember that she has a choice in how her meal is served!

She could have it fresh from the cock or second hand leftovers!

Cum Shot With A Piss Chaser

Phone Sex Sometimes a girl just wants to be fucked like a slut!

I love when a guy thinks I am really hot and can’t stop thinking about me…but if he can make me feel like his bitch…he can own me forever!
I happened to run into a guy at a party the other night!
I have no idea who he was but he was standing next to me flirting like crazy and turning on the charm!
Then he asked me to join him in the bathroom…and I wasn’t sure if he wanted to do a line or fuck my young bald pussy, but I was good with either!
The second the door closed he ordered me to get on my knees and suck his cock. I kinda laughed like it was a joke until he pushed me down, calling me a whore and demanded that I ‘service’ him!
I opened my mouth wide and took in that hard throbbing cock, inch by inch until his balls were resting on my chin!
Something in the way he commanded me was getting me so wet and I couldn’t help but finger my dripping pussy while I was stroking and sucking his dick!
I coaxed every drop of cum from that cock, draining his plump cream filled balls and as soon as I finished guzzling the last drop, I looked up at him as I pulled his meat from my mouth.
He looked down at me and said, “I am not done with you Bitch! Open that pretty little mouth for the chaser!”

I opened wide while he drained his meat, flooding my mouth with piss and blasting my face with golden shower splatters!

I have never felt so dirty and so turned on! I loved being his toilet slave whore!Young Bald Pussy

Trifecta Of Orgasms

Teen Phone SexI love being a cum slut cock tease!

I get so much attention from so many men!

I never have to worry about getting my young sweet cunt filled with some prime meat!

All I have to do is jut walk down the street and wiggle this cute little ass and men are crawling all over me!

But yesterday I needed more! I was tired of the one on one and wanted every fuck hole stuffed at the same time!

I just walked past this construction site and gave a couple guys that ‘come fuck me’ smile before turning down the alley.

By the time they got there, I was bent over a box with my skirt up around my waist and my sexy lace panties around my ankles!

They new what I wanted and their hard cocks were ready to give it to me!

Of course I loved that hard eight inches pushing deep into my young bald pussy, and that pudgy sausage tasted so spicy and hot as it filled my mouth!

I loved the way he grabbed me by the head and really pounded that meat down my throat!

But then when the next guy squeezed his giant fuck stick in my tight ass, I started to shake!

My body was going into convulsions as he forced it deeper and deeper, stretching my tight ass further than ever before!

I felt all my sweet juices rush to the surface and I couldn’t hold back any more!

I let it all out!

It was the trifecta of explosive orgasms!

There was so much splattering they thought a main water line blew, but I just giggled and smiled…Nope, it’s just little ol’ me!

Cum Trails of a Sheet Thief

Phone SexI have a caller that makes me cum so hard!

He calls, and I get so excited at just the sound of his voice!

I can’t help it!

I see his number come up and I lose my breath. My nipples get so hard and I can hardly speak

Then in just minutes, I am moaning and screaming and juices are gushing out of my sweet dripping cunt!

He always cums and then tells me he wishes I was there.

So one day, I couldn’t stand it anymore!

If he could make me cum that hard over the phone, imagine what he could do if I had his yummy thick meat pounding my pussy for real!

So I packed a bag and snuck in through his back door!

I was so excited just to be so close to him, I swear I was leaving a trail of cum droplets as I climbed the stairs to his room!

As soon as I got in there, I started smelling his sheets, going in his closet, taking my clothes off and putting on his t-shirt.

It was like he was touching me!

Then I heard the bedroom door crash open and he and some whore were rolling on his bed and ripping each others clothes off!

What is that cum slut skank ho doing with my man!

Then I saw her picture on his night stand and I knew the bitch was his wife!

I watched through the crack in the closet as his hard cock disappeared in her hairy cunt!

Her tits were flying everywhere as he pounded her harder and faster!

And for a second, I wished that was my pussy that he was drowning in cum!

I listened to her scream just like me and knew how great she felt getting fucked so hard!

I waited for them to finish and came out of his closet and went home…but not without his t-shirt and his cum stained sheets!

That’s right, baby! I am the one who has them and my naked body is wrapped up in them every night, sucking in the smell of that crusty dried cum!

Just Telling It Like It Is

Phone SexI am sitting here in my pretty little panties and my half dressed, sweet young body is a little cold.

My nipples have been hard for a while and are starting to tingle just a bit.

I am aching for a call because there is just something about a mans voice that gets me so moist and juicy!

But I am a little cold and all alone so I crack open the Jameson to warm me up a bit.

You know I have no self control so I am probably not going to stop at just one shot.

It’s always the second one that gets me all frisky and thinking real dirty!

Young Bald PussyNow here you are, reading these words that I have written and looking at my pictures.

You can’t help but wonder what I am really like.

Your cock is even starting to get a little hard and as you shift a little to adjust for the tightness that is building in those pants, you are wondering to yourself…should I call?

At this point, my pussy is hot and wet and you have started to rub that hard cock that I neeed so bad!

So why are you just sitting there?

Go and get your oil or lotion and some tissues…

Go on!

I will wait.

Are you back?

Thank god!

I have been waiting for a man like you all night!

Now pick up that phone and give me a call!

Don’t make me wait any longer!

My pussy needs to cum and I can’t do it with out you!


Toy Party

Phone SexEvery one knows I have a huge toy fetish!

Who ever said diamonds are a girls best friend has clearly never head a mind blowing orgasm by a rock hard plastic cock the never stops!

So when it came to my Christmas list this year, there was no question that everyone was getting their stockings (and pussies) stuffed with the best pussy pleasing toys that I could find!

I couldn’t wait to pass out the gifts so I had to have my Christmas party early!

All the girls came and before we could suck down the second shot, the clothes were hitting the floor!

There were strap-ons plowing deep into tight puckered asses all night long!

Nipple clamps were teasing tits and making girls giggle and scream!

And fake cocks of all shapes and sizes were slipping and sliding into hot squirting pussies and while butt plugs vibrated juicy asses!

Girls were using velvet tongues to tease and tickle twitching clits while pussies grinded into each other while fucking with double ended dildos!

By the end of the night, every cunt was dripping and every ass had been fucked!

Don’t get me wrong…nothing is better than the feeling of a live hot thick throbbing cock pushing hard into a girls tight cunt!

But a few double A’s can get a whole group of girls through many cold nights!


The Night Before Christmas

Phone sex‘Twas the night before Christmas and up at my place

My wet tight pussy was riding Santa’s sweet face!

His big balls were hanging so low and so tight

And his jolly thick cock was a nice yummy site!

As I licked and I sucked that hard candy cane

visions of sweet cum danced in my young whorish brain.

Then he bent me right over and slapped my firm ass

And started pounding my pussy so hard and so fast!

My naughty smooth pussy, once creamy and tight

had been stretched to the limit, having been fucked hard all night!

Then from that sweet candy cock there came such a splatter

That it flooded my pussy and filled it with batter.

My sloppy wet cunt began to twitch and to shake

as I returned the favor and squirted Santa’s sweet face!

He slurped and he sucked every sweet creamy drop

and I smiled and giggled while cleaning his cock!

Then he sprang from my bed and up the chimney he flew

with jolly happy balls, that were no longer blue!

But I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight.

Shyla, you’re naughty

But you were a good slut tonight!



Jerry Garcia Pussy

Phone sex Shyla

This is some pretty good shit I am smokin!

I was just on a call and he asked me to send him a picture of my pussy.

So I snapped this selfie.

Now, I know I am a little wasted but y’all see that, right?

Look really close!

Jerry Fucking Garcia is in my pussy!

Do ya see him!

Look, there is his eyes! And his nose! And his mouth!

My pussy has been possessed by the Grateful Deads ghost!

Hot ass sex

Do you think he was singing about my slippery wet cunt in Friend Of The Devil?

My pussy will be famous!

People will come for miles just to look at at!

My tight wet pussy will see more action than all the porn stars in all the land!

Oh wait!

Who wants to tongue fuck Jerry Fucking Garcia!


Thanks Fucking Giving

Phone sexThanks fucking giving! (I am thankful for cock 🙂 )

It is going to be a good one this year!

The turkey isn’t the only thing that is getting stuffed!

My cousin is coming and I have not seen him in a long time!

I am already thinking about all the different ways I want to squeeze that cock!

Just between you and me, he was my first!

Now you know my dirty secret!

I was very young and he was a lot older and to this day, I have yet to see another cock that is that fucking big!

I remember begging for his giant meat! Pleading for a warm cream pie!

I was happy until I was filled with his cum!

We fucked all summer long and my tight cunt got so used to being pounded by that giant fuck stick, that by August I was begging him to fuck me harder!

We would go camping in the back yard and once we slipped inside that tent he would start stretching my young cunt out!

My hot squirting pussy was the watersport of the summer!

And in just a few days I get to be stuffed with that fucking 12 inch cock!

I am aching already! But my tight little pussy isn’t used to a man of that magnitude anymore!

My young bald pussy needs some serious fucking before Thursday!

A little help please!!!!

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