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titty fucking phone sex

I love lubing my massive tits in hot coconut oil.  Slowly applying the oil to my body while you sit back and watch with your cock in your hand.  You beckon me to come to you.  I stand before you covered in nothing but black thongs and coconut oil.  I salivate watching you stroke your throbbing cock.  I fall to my knees and slurp up the dripping precum from your cock.
I lift my huge titties and sandwich your hard cock in between them.  Slowly I start to jerk you off with my tits.  You feel the warmth of my girls making your cock harder than it’s ever been before.  I drop my head and open my mouth.  Greedily waiting for your head to slip into my mouth.  Mmmm….. I can’t wait for your hot sticky load to shoot into my mouth.
Yum, Yum…..

Gang Bang Phone Sex

Gang Bang Phone Sex


I have always seen my friends get gang bang by alot of dudes at parties. I wanted to try it but i was afraid i might get rip me open, I felt it might go wrong, If i tried it. Well for the fact nothing went right for me after following what other people do. Well one day i was at a party, I seen a couple white dudes, I always thought that white dudes cock was much smaller then black cock, Maybe them may be the dudes i let gang bang me, well i get super drunk, I go over to them, Start dancing all over them, noticing they were getting hard, I felt two dudes cocks through their pants,While shaking my ass on the other dude, i whispered in one dude ear “You and friends come up to the room”. So i go up stairs Shortly after me they come up, I get on my knees and tell them i want to get gang bang, They pull their cocks out, And i start sucking their cocks, one dude picks me up sits down and tells me to ride him anal, While another puts his cock in my pussy, Another puts his in my mouth.

Cocksucking Phone Sex

They are pounding me really hard, And i didn’t think i would of liked it but i am falling in love with it every minute, Double penetration is to die for, I can’t believe i haven’t already been doing this. Well they stop fucking me and i get on my knees. And they tell me to suck till they cum all in my face and mouth. So i am sucking their huge cocks, Slobbering, Deep throating, sucking and licking their balls, Making them feel good then all of a sudden. I get a huge creamy load from all three right in my face and mouth. “Yummy”. Know i can not get enough of gang bangs, I even have a lot more ones to tell yall about.

Titty Fucking Phone Sex


big tit fucking

Many may know me as Passion. I am a beautiful big women, With a nice set of tits waiting to be fucked. When i was younger my mom told me that “I should always save my virginity till marriage”, So that right there is what brought me the little titty fuck whore i am today. I thought well since i cant fuck, Maybe my mom would not get as a mad at me if someone titty fucked me. So one day after school when the same dude that ask me ” When we going to fuck”, Asked me that again. I finally said ” We cant fuck but have you ever titty fucked a female”. He looked at me weird, And said ” Not someone who has huge jugs like you”. “Giggles”. I asked him “Are you ready to experience that today”, “Hell yea”, He said. So we disappeared into the bathroom. The boys bathroom at that. When i say this man had the biggest cock. I mean my face was so shocked. It was about 13 inches maybe even bigger. He put his cock in between my big jugs, And said ” Put your mouth on my cock when it pokes up at you”. So i did as was told. Every time that cock poked at me i would open my mouth wide, And it would go deep in my fucking throat. It was like he was titty fucking me at the same time getting his cock sucked. “Giggles”. He then asked me if i was ready. ” O yea baby give it to me”. He came all on my face. In between my tits. Even in my mouth. That was the biggest cum explosion ever. “Giggles”.


Anal Phone Sex Pleasure!

Anal Phone Sex     Anal Phone Sex with this caller was so fun! Imagine him being intimated of black women! Don’t be intimidated sweetie, let’s just go where the fantasy will take us! I think my ass is bigger than my tits. My ass is perfect in my opinion. It’s nice and plump and jiggles when I walk. I like to lay in front of my closet door and watch myself in the closet mirror. I would play with myself starting with the outer folds of the pussy and then find my way to my clit. When my pussy gets all wet I would insert my fingers in my dark lips and get a good look at my hot pink center loving the contrast of color between my dark outer skin and pink inner folds. Lying on the floor with my back arched and my fingers in my pussy, I pump in and out until my juices run down to my ass crack. I would spread my cheeks so I could see my large asshole.
You will love the way I taste! Love the feel of my asshole and your face buried inside! I will spread my butt for you so you can get that rock hard cock inside! But first let me feel that tongue! Tease my asshole a little bit and spit a big wad of saliva into my asshole! I will need the extra lubrication for that big cock of yours! The way you are tongue fucking that asshole is driving me crazy! Eat that fucking Ass! Putting your hard cock near my asshole, rub that white head right near the spinchter. Now bury yourself in that nice tight hole! Fill this ass with your nut juice all night! Hardcore phone sex with Passion is just what you need!

Home Invasion Phone Sex Set Up!

Home Invasion Phone Sex

     Home Invasion sex got me set up by  my own son!  Something was wrong very wrong. It was still dark out side and then I felt a hand pressed to my mouth. Not just my mouth the hand covered my whole face. My head was being pushed into my pillow and I could hardly breathe. I couldn’t see a thing! “Keep quiet he said you wouldn’t want your son to come in and see anything would you? Putting on the light I blinked but had a pounding head ache. The hand was removed from my face but I was shocked to see that the guy was totally naked. I didn’t know what to say or do it was the last phone sex caller I had that day! I don’t know how he got here or how he knew where I lived but my eyes couldn’t divert from his huge cock. It was the biggest thing I had ever seen between a man’s legs. It looked like it had a sheen to it that made it look like he had just used it! It had been a long time since I had been fucked by a normal cock  but this guy’s massive cock literally tore my body open!  I had to fight hard not to scream out in pain!

    I couldn’t see but I think he had about half his cock inside me. “I got a lot further inside him. Granted it took a lot more coke and other shit to open him up!” As he pulled his monster cock from my body I realized that we weren’t alone I felt the warmth of the man’s semen flooding through my body. “You will probably have that nigger whore growing inside you!” You did say that you thought your mom stopped her period two weeks ago he asked. My son nodded his head. He had planned everything set up the whole situation. I watched as he grabbed the man’s softening cock and began to stroke it.

     Then he slipped the head of his cock in his mouth and began to suck it! He could only get the head of his cock in her mouth. He grabbed my son from the bed like a ragdoll and positioned him between my legs. He pushed his face between my pussy lips and told him to clean me up. My son licked greedily between my legs. I watched as he got in position behind him. He managed without any force at all to get in his little body. He fucked him for a few minutes. I didn’t think he climaxed until he turned him around in front of my face. Cum floated out of his ass onto my tits. He pushed his bottom down to my face and ordered me to lick it all!

   This caller had me squirting  with this fantasy. I wonder how far you can push Passion?


Blow Jobs Phone Sex operator wants Hairy Balls

Blow Jobs Phone Sex

     Blow jobs phone sex is my specialty! Passion loves the taste of hair balls in her mouth.  I loved deep throating like a professional to give you the best pleasure while you are with me. Uncircumcised cock and circumcised it doesn’t matter are my specialties of sucking that pretty much covers the cock area!  I can fit almost a 12 inch cock in my mouth without gagging. Most females can’t do that shit but I love to do that. If there was an international cock sucking university I am sure I would have graduated magna cum laude for it. I am that freaky bitch that loves to lick your asshole as well! Taking that fucking load in the face is what I crave morning and night!  Fucking me can be full of surprises the average Joe never knows what to expect!

     There are those who are willing to take the chance and then there are the weak little ones who stay on Momma’s porch and wish they had! I was just wondering which one are you? Yep this ghetto hood rat bitch loves getting cum in her face! After licking up all that cum I would love for you to smack me in the fucking face with your cock! Lots of females will tell you they don’t like facials. I say its crazy for a motherfucker to lie! The thought of that heavy load makes my pussy wetter and hotter! Now fucking a big black whore is a timeless art form and we will get to that later, first I want you to fucking cum in my face and don’t be nice about it either. Shoot that shit bitch like you never have before! Most who do blow their loads on Passion understand what being with a black hood rat is all about! It’s about time you discovered the same! I may speak real nice and sweet but underneath is the nastiest bitch who is a complete cum slut!

Pain Slut Phone Sex Annihilation

Pain Slut Phone Sex

     Pain slut phone sex operator loves to be degraded to the max .I am a black slut that needs to be used. I love making white men happy! There is just something so hot about a white man calling me nigger and degrading my ass! I think whites have stayed quiet for too long on how they really feel. I am that bitch that gets turned on by the shit. The more you humiliate my ass the more I will cum! Take the brats gloves off and treat this oversized bitch like a real skank ho! I think most don’t do it because they are a little intimidated by black women. You can go ahead and admit that there is no shame there! Some are just too plain shy to want to get real down and dirty with a black nappy headed bitch! But I guarantee you the more you degrade the better cum explosion you will have. I don’t just mean nice quiet words I want you to come up with the whorish nastiest shit that you can!

      I bet you by the end of the night your dick will be slapping this pussy so hard you will not stop! Now preferably after you have had your fill of this nigger cunt we can invite one of my many playmates over for some fun! I love the taste of black cock to and I have been just waiting for you to force me to suck on one too! This isn’t about what is right and wrong this is about cumming! There is nothing wrong with that visual there! Now if you want to grab my hair and spit in my face so be it! Trust me I can take anything you dish out! But I will leave you with a warning ,you will never look at black hoes ever the same after a night with me!

2 Girl Phone Sex with Cum Sluts

2 girl phone sex

      2 girl phone sex causes you to think don’t it? White Bitches are always getting me with the way they fucking stare at me!  Their eyes get all bright with the color of my skin, the taboo, and my black tits. Hell it is like they practically drool at the mouth when I walk by.  Ran into this sweet young thang at the club last week.  I saw her checking me out at the bar and decided to talk to her.  I don’t like playing head games and I will go after what I want in a minute!

      I always sit at the bar and listen to them talk about niggers all the time. That’s where I start playing these ivory bitches and get what I want out of them! I let them ply that motherfucker  they talking to with alcohol  and get him real nice and drunk! Nine times out of ten that asshole is not going home with them and they will sit at the bar looking real stupid! By then these sluts are so fucking horny they are looking at me! I put my tits right down on that fucking bar so they can get a good look! White women are something when they fucking blush it is like their cheeks get fucking red and their eyes start glowing and shit! That’s when I learn this bitch Haley is no exception to my rule! I tell her how hot she is making me sitting at the bar with those sexy goddamn legs! She swears she don’t do women! She don’t go to bars, she don’t pick up men. Blah, Blah,!   I want this bitch to go home with me so I just listen to her fucking ramble. I want to see those white woman tan lines on her and those white perky nipples. She don’t even know I am working her ass already!

     Haley is all excited after having so many drinks and starts brushing up against my fucking arm! I start talking about has she been satisfied and getting real intimate about her sex life. I could have guessed it wasn’t good or she wouldn’t be talking to me! All a ho wants is a good fucking! This Ho was no exception! I am laying it on real thick too telling how fucking beautiful she is and this bitch is drinking it all in!

     Soon we arrive at a hotel her laughing and drunk all over my fucking arm. She is trembling all excited grabbing on my tits and shit! I tell her I want to see her tits and she takes off her fucking bra puts her arms around my neck but I want to play so I put my hands on them! Haleys tittes look so good in my black fingers like they belong there. I make them feel good squeezing them! She is my ho now and I make her want this black pussy!  This is an experience for this bitch she is never going forget! I tell this bitch how pretty her mouth is licking on my fucking clit and then turn her ass round and do the same for her. Passion’s game is super tight and I feel her cumming in my mouth! Her mother fucking legs are shaking.I smile at her comment of not going  this route!  I egg her a little bit and tell her how good it would feel to have a black cock stuffed up her ass while I am fucking that pussy! By this point she is ready to do anything I say! The thought of it makes her cum all over again! That’s what dumb ass bitches got to figure out if your head game is good you get what you want! That bitch came the whole night!

Haley knows I will be calling her soon I gave her my number and will be calling her when I am ready!

Hard Core Phone Sex Challenge

Hard core phone sex

      Hard core phone sex with me was a little bit of a challenge. I would challenge your extremities in ways you never thought possible. You would go to the extreme edge and I would take you there. You loved the way my shakers moved when I rode your cock. The taste of these chocolate babies drove your cock so far in my ass I was shaking uncontrollable trying to get you to stop. With each drive of your cock I knew my milk duds were going to spray all over the place. There was just something about how you could just split me in two with that cock of yours that made me so leery of you all the time. Yes, Passion was a little intimidated by that massive cock that sprayed such giant loads of cum. That hard bulging veined cock was so hard I didn’t know if I could sit on it all. Being the skank I am I wanted to try to climb on top of it! Looking at the size of that tree trunk was making me so wet I just had to climb on and ride for dear life.

     Too bad you would rather watch the hockey match then fuck the shit out of Passion! Maybe there was a chance you could do both and really give Passion the ride of her life. I imagined that hard massive stick in my holes all day and it’s about time you gave this sista a rip roaring ride on your blue fountain! I would say blue fountain because you are carrying such a heavy load of milk that just needs to cum all over passion. Since we are on the subject Passion loves when you get rough with her ass and spank the shit out of her asshole. That’s right take your fucking hand and smack that ass so hard the neighborhood of Texas can hear. Passion Loves for you to fuck her like the good little whore she is! So do me a favor baby don’t worry about the neighbors let’s get loud tonight! Take this black slut on the ride of her life on that fucking tool stick of yours! The thing is, can you hang? 

Phone Sex Put up or Shut Up!

phone sex

     Phone sex had you talking out of your ass I think! Real talk you had been doing all this shit talking on the phone. About how your cock was the baddest motherfucker I would ever suck. You even gave me a rundown visual of how you would press those balls down my fucking throat. You know Passion was that sista that loved to hear that shit. I especially liked the part where you told me you were going to slap these triple D’s with a belt and stuff your cock in between. I am just sorry we had to cut the conversation short and now I am here playing with my little clit waiting for you  to call back. I wanted you to stuff a beer can in my ass and then take that fucking belt of yours and whack it! You see not only did Passion love fucking you but she loved hearing about how you were going to cram objects in her little pussy too.

     I think we had just left off on the part where the two headed dildo was going to be inserted in my little cunt and you were going to push that meat head so far up my little hole the cum would drip out of my skull. I especially liked the part that you sniffed my fucking damn panties and licked the cream off! Now that it  was time again do you think you would bitch up? Or would you deliver this skank ho that double slice of cock liked you promised!? On the real I wanted to see if I could really walk around as soar as you claimed and if my tits would suffocate your ass like you said. You just knew what to say to a slut to get her going and I was ready for the next level of shit we could get into together.

     Now that you have your cock all nice and hard and my picture has made you so bone hard you can’t wait to cum, how about calling me and satisfying that urge? Are you scared? You can tell me if you are Passion understands! Not many can handle Passion! I just wonder if you can!

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