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Cum slut for BBC

black cock phone sexCan we talk about how much I love big black cock? BBC is what makes my cunt a sloppy, wet mess. White guys are okay, Asian fellahs are super attentive, Native gents are so good at oral, and Latinx men are excellent lovers, but there is just something about that dark chocolate prick slamming in and out of my fuck holes that really gets my cunny nice and creamy. I love those massive hands wrapping around my waist, and lifting me up off of the bed, then down onto his thick as fuck cock. What can I say? Black guys get me off, and really just fuck better than anyone else. I even take those big black cocks in my tiny little asshole. That’s right! I let them stretch me open, and have their way with me. If he wants me to choke while he throat fucks me, pull out and slam his sloppy cock into my hot ass, cum deep inside of my young naughty spot, and then make me suck his cock nice and clean then that is exactly what I am going to do. I think you underestimate my absolute love and favoritism for sexy ass, hung black dudes and their huge horse cocks!

Putting Out My Fire

phone sexI got some hunky firemen over to fuck me today. I was just cooking, and I didn’t know what to do when I caught the stove on fire. I quickly tried to put it out, but the fire alarm went off and as I smothered the flames the fire truck pulled up! Three burly men got out dressed hallway in fire gear. I was so embarrassed I tried to close my silk robe, but it kept coming open. My big tits caught their attention as I giggled that I was just making lunch. I did admit that they were all so handsome they were creating a fire inside of me. They got closer to me and told me that they could help me with that. I guess my whore reputation had gotten around town if all three were willing to help a helpless woman in such a way. I wasted no time in getting on my knees as three nice big fat dicks were presented to me. I showed my cock sucking skills off making hard cocks even harder. At one point one of them picked me up and put me across the table in my smokey kitchen. My head hanging off as I got throat fucked and they took turns filling me with cock until they gave up fireman loads inside my fuck holes. I think I need to set the whole kitchen on fire to get more hunky firefighters over to fuck me next time!

Ass Fetish For A Sub Slut

anal phone sexHis Ass fetish was crazy and I couldn’t help getting into pegging his tight ass. I loved to dominate over my boyfriend and things got so much better between us. I guess if I failed in controlling him properly then I fail at giving my lover what he craves. If he craves to be under the power of a femdom, then that femdom I will be and controlling him is a lot of fun. I’m really digging the strap-on play with him and I have taken it further. He has his needs/ desires. But, so do I with mine. I needed a real man that could really deliver the fuck. I found that with a new lover. I talked to him about things and how I wanted him to fuck me in front of Jake, my boyfriend. I would really love it if he drove it in me so hard and deep that I start screaming and moaning like a whore. I just really wanted him to see what it takes to please a real women. A hot sexy woman needs a fine bodied stud to give her what she needs and Nathan was my beau of the moment. The bull cock that would fuck me and fuck my bitch boyfriends face also. That sounds exciting to you I hope?

My Pervy Stepdad Can’t Resist

phone sexMy mom is a bitch but my pervy stepdad is easy. I wanted my nails done and my mom said no so I went down to ask him. I had already anticipated such so I had put on my shortest shorts and tightest tank top, with no bra of course. I walked downstairs and sat on his lap and put my arms around him, letting my perky nipples rub across his chest. I then sat on the floor with my legs open wide, giving him a peek at my sweet young pussy lips. I almost laughed at the bulge forming in his pants. As he continued to stare at my sweet young tight body I asked if he would pretty please give me some money to get my nails done. He hesitated so I went up to him and straddled him giving him a great big hug. As I sat there, I could feel his dick twitching against my warm pussy. I started rocking gently back and forth, basically dry humping my stepdad. I knew I had him exactly where I needed him to be, so I whispered in his ear to please give me some money for my nails. The perv caved so fast and told me

Oral Rim Job

anal phone sexI was out at the bar the other night when i came across a handsome young man who insisted on buying me a drink, and we sat and chatted over drinks. Only 15 minutes into the conversation  he whispered into my ear that he’d like me to go into the bathroom with him and try something “extra wild” as he put it. I was very excited, i mean i love trying new things!  He escorts me into the handicap stall and instructs me to pull down my panties, lift my skirt and bend over and to get ready for something wild!  Than i could feel his tongue on the edge of my puckered asshole, his lips wrapped around it, caressing it with his tongue and lips.  I was so confused , i had thought he wanted to try something wild!  Than i hear him say “bet you’ve never had this done before!” apparently this was his idea of something wild. It felt pretty good and i didn’t want to be a bitch so i replied “Never! You were right! you’re so bad!” and went along with it letting him think he exposed me to something wild and new.  Than a few minutes later he told me in a hurried tone to turn around and than he came all over my face and walked out of the bathroom. I myself didnt climax but i knew that was the best load that man ever shot out of that cock.  I’m calling it my good deed for the week.

My Lucky Day

blowjobs phone sexToday must be my lucky day! My cousin was visiting and brought one of her guy friends with and from the moment he walked in i knew i wanted to feel his cock in my tight asshole. The whole night i kept looking at the bulge in his pants. I knew it was big, but when he finally got it out for me my jaw dropped not only was it 10 inches long but it was thick i almost didnt think it’d all fit in my ass. But he bent me over the bed and put all ten inches inside my ass at once. To say it was orgasmic was an understatement. I’m pretty sure my neighbors heard me moaning and screaming. He started off nice and slow and steady and than he pounded my asshole good hard and fast like the little whore i was.  When it was time for me to climax i sat on his face and he licked up every single drop of cum. Maybe tomorrow night when he comes back over i’ll be even luckier! 😉

Solo Anal Fun

anal phone sexI was feeling so horny earlier tonight i did everything i could to find some good hot cock to satisfy me and no luck.  I tried to ignore it, hoping the next night i’d be able to satisfy the craving. I did my best to distract myself, watched some tv, exercised for a little bit but nothing was working.  Than suddenly i remembered i had gotten a package from a friend of mine that was labeled “XXX” and i had meant to open it quite sometime ago but kept forgetting about it, so i decided to open the box.. I got a knife and started to open the box trying not to get too excited because usually these were just gag gifts with just some old porns on VHS. But i was pleased to see along with the usual porn there was a large 10 inch dildo i took out it out of the packaging as quick as i could, and than i slid up my ass and fucked myself moaning in pleasure.. “finally!” i exclaimed as i rammed all 10 inches up my tight puckered asshole. I came almost immediately, it felt so good!


phone sexI went to the night club a few nights ago looking to have some naughty fun and boy oh boy did i get what i was looking for! I wore a very short red halter dress that showed my tits off perfectly with sky high heels.  I noticed two guys with very large bulges in the pants.  I walked up and asked them to follow me.. I knew immediately i wanted to sample what was in their pants! So we go into the mens room, i slide off my dress and before i could even ask them to take their cocks out, both cocks were out. First one went in my mouth second one in my ass.  They both felt so good i thought i was going to cream right than and there, after about  20 minutes of getting both my ass and mouth fucked.  Both cocks went right into my pussy stretching me out soo good they fucked me so rough and hard, and guys were walking in and out watching but none of us cared. Finally both cocks released their cum right into my pussy. They started to eat me out and than i cam straight into their mouths. Best night so far this week!

Cocksucking Phone Sex!

Cocksucking Phone SexThere’s nothing I love more than sucking on a big fat cock! I just love the way it feels and tastes in my mouth. I’ve always been told I’m a great cocksucking whore so why not love what you’re good at? I love sucking you off and deepthroating you and making you push my head down for more, I think that’s so fucking hot. But, do you know what my favorite part is about cocksucking? When you cum and your load just goes everywhere! I love when it shoots right in my mouth because cum just tastes so fucking yummy! I even love having it all over me, because it’s basically my reward for making you feel good! I’m just a cum slut, what can I say?

Wet Bald Pussy & Ass Fucked Hard

Wet bald pussyI love having threesomes, being with two guys instead of one is always more fun! Two of my close friends love having sex and damn, do they make me feel good. I usually start off with both of them standing in front of me, they both whip out their big cocks and make me suck on them to get them rock hard before anything else can happen. I love sucking on their cocks, alternating between the two and even trying to take both of them at the same time! I was ready to be fucked so one guy got behind me and shoved his cock into my tight little cunt while I deepthroated his friend, I loved feeling a cock shoved inside of me while I was also getting throat fucked. I’m such an anal whore I was just ready for the cock inside my mouth to be rammed inside of my tight asshole so I stuck my ass up in the air some more so he could get it in. It was hard at first, but once the positioning was right it felt so good as he was ramming into my ass while I was getting my tight little cunt pounded into. I love having both of my holes fucked at the same time, and it’s even better when they both cream inside of me! I love watching as both of their cum drips out of me, some from my ass and some from my cunt and it all just gets mixed together. Such a yummy creampie!

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