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Being a whore is just like a full-time job when I give out my pussy but I don’t do it for the money! I do it for the pleasure that it gives me! I love the feeling of a nice, thick cock just slowly filling me up and then ramming me against the kitchen island of my daddy’s house! I invited my old babysitter over to fuck me while my parents were away and I’m enjoying every last orgasm I give and get. He has his cock deep in my pussy and when he’s done using it, I lick it clean and turn over for him to use my ass as he sees fit! Cum and take care of this slut!

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Adult Phone Chat

I love to take control of adult phone chat sex! How I can be a fun party girl who loves sexy and alcohol that I let it take over my body! I want to do as you say and take that cock down into my little slut throat. Spit on me, piss on me, cum all over my tits and I will lick up every last drop while doing more shots with you! I’m on my knees swallowing loads of hot juices as you pull my hair back and pour more spicy water down my throat! Lay me down on my back and shove yourself into me all night while I squirt on all the boy’s faces! Let me cum tonight please daddy!

Fantasy Phone Sex With Chloe

With some fantasy phone sex we can cum! I am dressed up like a little slutty girl and you take me home to be the best whore I can be! You take me to a hotel room where we get a little fucked up. You undress me and take me hard with your cock into my mouth. I suck your cock hard and fast. I swallow loads for hours before you get you cock hard again and force fuck my ass hle for more hours, I feel it leaking out of me and my stomach is full of cum. I finally take it into my cunt and scream at how much squirting juices flow out of me! Cum and play for hours daddy!adu;t phone chat

Live Phone Sex With Chloe

adult phone chatBeing a phone sex slut makes my pussy drip in whore juices making my cunt nice and slick for you to shave your cock deep in to! The feelings of you fucking me hard against the bed drives me crazy and I love it so much. Before you left for work today you laid beside me and gave me kisses, lightly choking me until we were bothing so horny that we could not take it anymore and only out bottoms came off, we were so eager to fuck half an hour before we have to leave and you are making it feel so amazing. You force your dick in to me harder and faster until you finally cum deep inside of me!

Fuck Freak Loves Nasty Cum

Phone SexBecoming a cock loving and cum desperate whore freak is what all my personality is about! Being a cum freak is what gets your cock hard isn’t it? You know how badly I need and desire those hot loads all over my tight body. When you bring me to our room, kissing me all over and making me wet as fuck when you pull out your cock and start rubbing it and I get down and start sucking out of need for the creamy hot load! I want to be covered in it so bad! I need to lick it all up off my body and off my fingers from my pussy. Hurry and cum give me those steamy loads!

Cocksucking Anal Slut

Being a cocksucking whore is not all what it is made out to be but I love it so much! I need that feeling of your daddy cock siliding in and out of my thorat to make sure it is covered, slick and wet so I can bend over and spread my ass cheeks for you to fuck this tight shit hole that belongs only to you. Pump it in and out so hard that any one can hear my scream for over a mile! Use up this ass for all you got and cover me in your hot juices. Ice my ass like it’s a cake in your cum and then finish on my face, leaving me a hot mess!Cocksucking Phone Sex

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Being your slut gives me purpose and giving you all control over my body makes this teen pussy drip for your dick! I’m ready to be bent over and spread and exposed for you to take over my body. I want us to both spend the entire either making love or fucking until we run out of juices that are squirting onto the bed sheets or into my holes. I want your hard daddy cock inside my cunt and even my tight shit hole that deserves to be forcefully punish fucked by you! Let me see hard and fast that you can fuck me into the bed daddy. Come over and show me what you got baby. Teach me what a naughty slut I am and fuck this brat!hot phonesex

Chloe Your Fetish Girl

fetish phone sexI love having the options of all these fetishes in the world to play around with! When you come to me and tell me some thing new or some thing I may already know I will still get wet as fuck underneath this tight little skirt! Put your hand on my leg, run it up my thigh and finger fuck me through my panties! I want you to jerk off your hard daddy cock while I talk to you about all the naughty and nasty things you love! I want to feel you bust your hot load all over my sweet tits and face just do not forget those back shots! I love to have my girlfriend lick your cum off my ass. 

Your Sex Toy

fantasy phone sex

Being a fantasy phone sex whore excited my pussy! I love trying new and dirty things sometimes scary things excite me the most! I want to try the teasing of something sharp and hard against my skin or maybe hot wax dripping down my body from my tits to my toes making me your squealing and crying hot mess of wet pussy juices and my puddle of our cum dripping our of my cunt. After you made a mess of my pussy you can use my ass hole of your fuck toy hole to dump the rest of your loads into! Turn me into your sex toy that you can use and play with however you want! Come and play.

Teen Phone Sex With Slut Chloe

teen phone sexDaddy I have been waiting for your hard cock to be force fucked into my bald cunt. I wanna take it down my throat, jack it off, drool and spit all over it to get it nice and wet so you can fit it into my spread ass cheeks and push it deep into my ass hole! I have been so dripping wet, begging to cum for you. I can even make you a squirting mess all over out couch! Watch me rub and vibrate my clit after edging all night with you yo have the best orgasm at the end of it together. Afterwards I will be sure to stay naked and keep your cock out to suck it until I fall asleep. 

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