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Blackmail Phone SexNaughty Naughty boy! Does your wife know that you’re still here? Of course now! She would never know about her husband still here playing with himself while watching porn in his office. What? You didn’t know I was still here? I was doing all of that work you emailed me and I’m just now leaving! Shouldn’t have done that sir. I could call her up right now and tell her about you after work activities. No? Well what are you gonna give me for it? It’s gonna take a little more then a flimsy raise. You’re little naughty secretary is gonna financially dominate you completely now. Should have left and played with yourself in your car or something at least then I wouldn’t have to catch you and you could have gotten away. But no know you have to deal with me babe. Take your clothes off and get your wallet out and be ready to become all mine! That’s right keep taking it all off and out and be ready to be dominated by your naught secretary.

Chloe the Cheerleader

cheerleader phone sex

Did you see my dance? Our team practiced for weeks just for this game! I’m so proud of it aren’t you? What was that? You want me to give you another dance back at your place? Of course I can! Anything to entertain! I love to dance and you seem to love watching me so come on! Here, sit right down on this seat and I’ll start to strip down my clothes. Giving strip teases are so much fun and I get to feel your cock grow in your pants, oh god it feels so amazing doesn’t it? I never wanna stop at least not until you slam me down on your bed and take me for yourself. Come play with this barely legal cheerleader and make it worth your time. Don’t you love the age play phone sex? A high school cheerleader making that big dick feel huge and explode all over me with your cum! I just can’t get enough of it.

Chloes Mommy Adventures

Mother Son Phone SexAre you back home so soon? That’s good because I could really use your help cleaning up. See that toy right there? Yes, bring it to mommy. I’ve made a mess all over my thighs and mommy needs you to lick it up for her. Take your tongue and run it up and down just like that. You’re doing so good for mommy! I might just have to give my son a big treat! I’ll bend over your bed and let you rail me. Fill mommy up with your baby batter, you know how much I love it. I can’t wait to feel you release into mommy’s pussy. You love how I feel don’t you? How about I ride my son’s cock and keep my mommy tits bouncing in your face! Or maybe I could just get that cock nice and wet with mommy’s mouth and shove it in between my tits and let you finish all over my chest! Come play with mommy and I’ll get you off with any and all of my holes.


Blowjobs with cheating husband

Your wife has been nagging you recently? What for? Watching too much young teen porn? I’m so sorry baby! It’s too bad she doesn’t know how to suck on cocks the way we do in those dirty videos of ours that you can’t seem to turn off. I would love to sneak over while she’s gone. I’ll come through the back door and make my way into your bedroom that you share with her and immediately get down on my knees to take your cock out as fast as I can and start sucking! Don’t you love the way my tongue moves across the tip and your shaft? I can’t forget about that sexy sac either. Let me take your balls in my mouth and play with them while I jerk your hot cock off. Finally when you have that explosive orgasm from my tight little throat sucking you off, I’ll swallow it all. I won’t waste a single drop! Shoot it on my tits and I’ll lick it all up! blowjobs phone sex

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex


naughty neighbor phone sex

Oh! Who’s that? A new neighbor? You’re pretty cute! I’ve been watching you and I know you’ve been watching me too. I saw you peeping through my windows, watching me touch my little cunt. Did you see how wet it was? I couldn’t help but play with myself knowing someone had their eyes on me. I knew you were watching me like the dirty pervert I know you are! Have you also been watching me and my girlfriends partying? We get high and drunk as hell before playing with each other and our bald tight pussies. We love to be watched, that’s why I told them all about you! My little peeping tom who watches me play while I’m all alone. We just keep throwing back drinks and dancing while taking each other’s clothes off. What if we invited you in? Come inside and party with a bunch of naked girls! The same girls you’ve been peeping and spying on. Hurry up!


School Girl Slut 101

The first time I signed on for my online learning, I was completely naked! I didn’t know they could see me! I had just got done playing with my wet pussy and I sat up in bed and logged on. My teacher was very surprised but didn’t say a word, until I completely ignored him and started playing with myself again! But I have had a crush on him for ever and I was already wet! He watched me finger fuck my self that day, sliding one finger, then two, and three in my young wet cunt, stretching my lips around my strong fingers, moaning his name! I had no idea he was watching me until he asked me to stay after! He sat on his desk with his cock in his hand stroking it for me! It was all I could do to not lick the screen! I watched as he yanked that cock right in front of me, and then I tilted my camera down so he could see me sliding one of my toys deep in my shaved tight cunt! Just watching his big strong hands wrap around his thick hard cock made me want to explode! Then all I could see were these giant splatters on his side of the screen! I knew he came for me and I wished I could grind my pussy against that screen and soak every drop up with my sweet lips! Now we meet everyday after class and fuck ourselves together! I have learned more from online learning this year than any in class session!

School Girl Phone Sex

Naked teen Pictures Leaked

naked teen picturesMy naked teen pictures got leaked on social media last week. Most girls would be appalled and shocked but not me. I was really proud. I started tagging myself in them and the local detective unit showed up at my house! He was built too, this sexy stud! He wanted to know why I was tagging myself in these baby girl porn pictures. I said it was me! And I have every right too! Well, Mr. policeman got a nice big fat woody for me. I pulled my tits out and said “Do you want to see how much these tits and pussy has grown?” I could tell he indeed loved how big these tits had got! I had him motorboating these big breasts. I grabbed that dick while he was lost in breast land and pulled him free. It was a nice decent dick! I took control then pushing him back and slobbering all over his cock with my big tits wrapped around his fuck stick! I was a whore back then and only honed these slutty phone sex skills over he last few years! I made that Detective blow such a big load all over my face. He said the content was deleted and he will forget the whole thing. But I am sure he kept some pics for himself.!

Bratty girl phone sex

bratty girl phone sexI got told today that I need to put a cock in my bratty little mouth. I guess that was his way of saying put a cork in it. Well I really took him seriously. I went up to him and dropped to my hands and knees and grabbed his cock out of his pants and put it right in between my lips and started to suck him down my throat. If he wants me to shut my little sassy mouth up, then I guess this is the only way that makes sense, and well the most effective way.

He kept saying how good it felt and how much of a little cock sucker I was. I am good at a lot of things. I love to shut the fuck up sometimes and just gag on a really fat cock in my throat. I need to make it explode hot cum out of it!

Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sexI have to say that I am really a naughty girl. Where ever there is a cock that has even a little bit of cum in it- I find it. I went to a sleep over at my friends house and of course it was all girls. I mean she has a daddy that keeps checking up on us, so I guess that does not count. Wait, she has a daddy. The girls are all in the room talking about secrets and lame shit that I really do not have time to deal with. I say I have to use the restroom and inside I find my way to her daddy’s room. He is there getting ready for bed with his shirt off. Now, just to get the rest of his clothes off of him.

I walk over to him and drop down to my hands and knees and take off my shirt. I tell him that I am feeling a little home sick and I need some cum to make me warm and comfy. I take his cock out of his pants and start sucking on his balls. I lick all around them. His cock gets really erected in my hand. I take his cock head and rub it around my nipples. Must be nice to have a hot little mouth around this big cock. I tell him that I am going to empty his balls.

I suck his whole cock all the way into my mouth. His cock is pulsating to the roof of my mouth. I tug more on it until I can taste that pre cum. I take that cock out of my mouth and rub it all over my face. I put him again back in my mouth, encouraging him to rupture.

Squirting phone sex

squirting phone sex

 I love real men with big cocks that can handle my little tight pink pussy hole! I go sent to the principals office today for my skirt being too short. Is like that a thing? Is there such thing as too short of a skirt. I get to the office and and he measures it and makes me bend over and I purposely flaunt off my little fuck holes underneath. I know my panties were super soaked against my pussy lips.

I could see my principals cock growing in his pants. I went ahead and asked if I was really in trouble and if I was could I get myself out of it and just do all my school work for the day in his office? He gulped really hard and his cock grew bigger and agreed. Once he agreed I reached my tiny hands over to his pants and took his cock out. It was a thick one. I asked him if he would like to see how short my skirt really was.

I bent over his desk and pulled my skirt higher up my tummy and pulled my panties to the side. I guided that big fat boss cock right up against my pussy lips. That is right Mr. man in charge fuck my little innocent school girl pussy hole. He slid his rock hard cock into my pussy and started pumping himself inside of me. When he was about to give me all of the jizz that I made his balls fill up with, I slid my pussy off his cock and hopped down to my hands and knees.

I sucked that pussy covered cock into my mouth, wow he really made my pussy wet. I want that principal boss cum on my face!

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