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Phone Sex Tranny Carla is Selective

phone sexPhone sex trannies fuck any man is just a rumor. Some do, but most are selective about whose ass they fuck. It is a privilege to have my sexy tranny cock in your ass. I fuck men for different reasons. I do not just put my 10-inch cock in any tight ass so I can nut. I am a dominant tranny, but I have standards. Small dicks always get fucked in their tight assholes. Small dicks NEVER fuck me. They try, but they never succeed. It takes more than a small dick, however, for me to fuck your ass. I enjoy small dick humiliation while giving you a hardcore ass fucking, but you must be attractive and clean. I do not get hard if a loser looks like Ron Jeremy. I get hard if a loser looks like Brad Pitt though.  I am a dominant tranny, not a desperate tranny. I was at the gym yesterday surrounded by shemale lovers. Not that everyone in my gym knows my panty secret. Many do though because I am not in the closest.  Married men especially want my dick in their asses. After my workout, I had my pick of the horny married men, but I made it clear only the finest ass would get my cock.  Some of the guys vying for my sexy tranny cock were fat slobs. They needed to focus on working out not on me. I laughed at many of the guys swarming me because they were not worthy of my ten-inch dick in their tight married assholes. I chose this one married man who looked good enough to eat. He only had a 4-inch limp dick, so he got the shemale domination porn star treatment in the shower at the gym. I filled him up and rendered him hooked on shemale cock. I will do the same to you too.

Tranny Phone Sex and Mutual Masturbation

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex in the morning gets you going. I always wake up with morning wood. What about you? I can get hard at the drop of a dime. I hear guys on the phone talking about hiring shemale escorts who have trouble getting erect. That is the main reason I am not a shemale escort. I never want my ten-inch cock anything but rock hard when I am fucking a tight ass or a pretty mouth. Shemale escorts have erection issues because they cum too many times a day or try to cum too many times. Now, I can cum a lot, but I do not jack off nonstop either because I want to be able to perform when needed. I never know when I may get the call to fuck an ass. I woke up this morning with a stiff dick. Sexy shemales get morning wood too. I edged my dick but saved my cum for my shemale phone sex lovers. My first caller got a huge load up his ass this morning. He was a little sissy bitch. He said his dick was three inches. That is not a dick. That is a clit stick. I laughed at him. I needed the laugh too. His ass felt tight. Even though I came in this tiny dick loser’s ass, I still had enough jizz left to mutually masturbate with my next caller. He had a bigger dick. He sounded like he would have a bigger cock too. I am not a bottom, so I had to tell him he could be my bottom, or we could stroke together. He opted for mutual masturbation phone sex. I am hard again just thinking about my first two calls of the day. This is why I love working in the mornings. My dick is at its hardest. Do not worry boys, this sexy shemale has much more cum to unload today.

Posing for Sexy Tranny Porn Pictures

tranny porn picturesI pose for a lot of tranny porn pictures. Some professional and some just for my admirers. Before I got into the phone business, I was a shemale model. I made great money, but I lived out of a suitcase because gigs took me all over the world. I enjoy being on display for horny men. I love taking bikini shots like this one. When I am wearing something that barely covers me, men never guess that I have a big shemale cock tucked away. Photos like this one show off my femininity. You see my curves and my tits and most would never suspect that I am a shemale domination porn star. I love the element of surprise. It can be risky, especially in recent years when there has been some back lash against transgendered people. I have only had a handful of bad experiences with men. Most guys call me a pleasant surprise. I think that is because they secretly want cock but they just do not know how to go about getting it in a way that does not threaten their masculinity, LOL. Most men who are attracted to shemales are not gay.  Gay guys want their men to look like men and I do not look like a man. Not even naked because although I have a big cock, it is hairless. It looks feminine.  I live my life as a woman. I just happen to have a cock and I like to be in charge. Interested in my panty surprise?

Romantic Phone Sex Shemale

romantic phone sexEven a sexy shemale like me loves to be spoiled on romantic phone sex calls or dates. Often, I get tips and gift cards, but it is not always about money. Men can spoil me sexually too and even by doing things like washing my hair and cleaning my house. I have this one lover who is addicted to my sexy tranny cock. He is not as rich as my other lovers, but he is just as handsome and educated and sophisticated. I like literate lovers. Men I can talk to and fuck, LOL. Sam is a laborer with a secret love for transsexual beauties who look like they were born a woman. We met at a bar a few years ago and have hooked up once or twice a month since. He had no clue I was not born a woman. When I got naked, he got a surprise, but it was not a deal breaker for him. He has been hooked ever since. He cannot spoil me with spa treatments and gift cards, but he has his ways which is why I keep him around. Last night, he brought over some candles, some fancy bath bombs, and my favorite wine. He made me dinner too. After dinner, I got a deep tissue massage followed by a bubble bath where he washed my hair. I gave him a hardcore ass fucking in return, but I was the winner of the night because he did the dishes and my laundry too. Sure, a sexy shemale GFE like me enjoys men who have money to spend, but if you are handsome, smart and sophisticated, your lack of funds will not stop me from fucking you. You just must work harder. And something as pretty and hung as me is worth working extra for, right?

Mistress Phone Sex with a Sexy Shemale

mistress phone sexMistress phone sex with me means two things. One, I can be your dirty little secret if you are married. I have something your wife can never give you. I have a ten-inch cock. I am also a mistress in the bad ass sense that I am a top. That means I fuck you and I own you. Usually, I am a mistress in both ways. My married lovers need a discreet transsexual mistress, but they also need me to dominate them. I have lovers in many states and a few in foreign countries too. I meet them in the hotel bar that is around the corner for me. It is not a gay bar. It is not a bisexual or transsexual hang out either. It is the most expensive hotel in town, and it has an upscale bar that attracts business travelers. The bartenders know me and love me. The bar is open to the public, so no one minds me being there. I tip well. I am not a pro. I am just a sexy shemale who likes bourbon and rich men. Almost all my married lovers I met in that bar. It is half a block from my loft, so I can get slushed if I want too. I picked up a new lover last night there. This time a married man who lives in my town! He was married and looking for a discreet hook-up. He called me a special woman, so I thought he knew my panty surprise. He did not know until we got naked at my loft. He was hesitant. He was straight. I figured that because he was married. It did not take much convincing to give him a hardcore ass fucking, however. It might have been all the top shelf bourbon he was drinking too. He passed out with my cum in his ass. His phone was blowing up from his wife and I could not wake him. I just texted her as him about being too drunk to drive and crashing with this guy who I saw a bunch of texts from. I also texted him pretending to be my passed-out lover. When my drunk bottom woke up, I explained what I did and he was so grateful, he gave me a couple thousand dollars. This special mistress knows how to be discreet too. I will fuck you and protect you.

More Than Just a Phone Sex Shemale

phone sexI am not just a phone sex shemale. I am a real shemale. I have a sexy tranny cock measuring 10-inches when fully erect. Life is getting back to normal for me. Many of my pickup places are back in business. I am fully vaccinated so I can travel again. Plus, my out of state and overseas lovers can travel to see me again too. I have this one wealthy Greek lover who has been benched from seeing his special mistress for over a year. Finally, he could travel. I made it worth the wait, and he made it worth mine. His cock has been jonesing for some shemale action. He was in town this week. His first business trip since Covid. He made it a pleasure trip too. He put me up in his hotel suite for a few days. In the day while he was in meetings, I was swimming and getting spa treatments at the swank hotel spa. At night, we were out on the town passing as a normal couple. No one knows I am a sexy shemale. After dinner, dancing and drinks, we would end up back in his hotel. We would drink some more in the hot tub, then fuck. I may be his gfe but I am still a shemale domination porn star. That means I am a top, but my Greek T-girl lover would not have it any other way. He loves that I am sexy and passable for the public outings and that I am hung and dominant for the private moments. His ass felt like a virgin ass again. It was tight from zero action this past year. That is okay by me. I love a tight ass. Plus, after 3 nights of getting ass fucked by my ten-inch cock, his ass is back to normal just like my love life.

Is Shemale Phone Sex on Your Mind?

shemale phone sexIs shemale phone sex on your mind? Look at me. You are seeing me naked, so you know my secret. Men who see me in clothes never guess I have a 10-inch cock. I was at a fundraising event last night for my local humane society. I was there with girlfriends. We go every year. They had to cancel last year’s because of COVID, so we were excited to go this year. First time in over a year we got to dress up. This is a black-tie affair. Live music, wine tasting and silent auction. We do not go to meet men. We go to give our money for a good cause. Meeting men is just bonus.

phone sexI met a man last night. A handsome and rich man. I was bidding on this spa package, but it got out of my price bracket. Apparently, he was watching me bid, and out bid me so he could give it to me as a gift at the end of the event. I was flattered that he thought enough of me to do that. We talked and flirted. I knew he was clueless about my sexy tranny cock. When he asked me out, I felt compelled to tell him I was a transgirl. He did not buy it. Discreetly, I put his hand on my big cock. I showed him my phone sex site on my phone so he would know I was for real. He was more interested than before. He asked me to stay the night with him. He had a penthouse suite in the event hotel. I stayed with him. I was treated like a princess. Hot tub, in suite massage, fine champagne and room service. I let him spoil me. I was not sure if he was a top or a bottom, but I soon found out he wanted to be a bottom just for me.

shemale domination pornHe sucked my cock for hours. He licked my asshole even longer. I lubed his asshole up and gave him his first cock. I have him the shemale domination porn star treatment. It was what he wanted. He just did not know it was what he wanted until he discovered my pleasant present.

Cocksucking Phone Sex with a Sexy Tranny

cocksucking phone sexCocksucking phone sex with me is different than the typical call for this sort of thing. You are sucking my cock when you call me. A woman is not sucking your dick. I train cocksuckers to be the best cocksuckers they can be. I have a ten-inch cock. It is the only thing on me that is masculine. And even though it is big, it is smooth. No hair on my cock. A lot of men are surprised when they see me naked. They assume that because I am so soft and pretty, that my cock would be like a lady boy’s dick. When I was 18, I was set to have a full conversion. I wanted to be a woman, but the doctor told me that with a cock as big as mine, I would lose some sexual pleasure with the surgery. That was when I decided I would be the best of both worlds. That was when I decided I would be a chick with a dick.

As a chick with a big dick, I am dominant. That means you worship my dick. If you cannot take all ten inches down your mouth at once, we can start slowly and graduate to deep throating my sexy shaft. I am a good teacher. I believe practice makes perfect. You can use things like garden vegetables or your wife’s dildo to practice giving me a deep throat blowjob. You know you want a sexy shemale domination porn star to skull fuck your face, right? Anything worth doing is worth working hard for, including sucking shemale cock. I am the top. That means you are the bottom. It is my dick that gets sucked and your ass that gets fucked. No shemale experience is necessary because I will train you how to be a good cock sucking faggot.

Princess Phone Sex with a Sexy Tranny

princess phone sexI love princess phone sex calls. I know that may sound surprising as a dominant tranny. I can be an in-charge woman and get spoiled simultaneously. I live my life as a woman. Yes, I have a ten-inch cock, but that is the only not feminine thing about me. I met Trent on Grinder. He was looking for a sexy shemale and I wanted a hung man who would spoil me. Trent is younger than my typical sugar daddy, but he is rich. He is a young app developer and although he appears to be a lady’s man, he has a thing for shemale domination porn stars. He loved my sexy tranny cock. We agreed on some special arrangements and a place to meet. We hooked up last night in an upscale hotel. Young hipster with money and a social conscious? We were in this ecofriendly cool hotel and he showed up with much more than we agreed on. He had flowers, gift cards and a new iPad for me. He was a gentleman too. He told me I was the most beautiful goddess he had ever seen. He seemed like a perfect guy. I thought he might have a small dick because so far, he had been too good to be true. Turns out he had a nice cock. Just a younger, hipper man who has grown up in a different generation and thinks shemales are exotic not freaks. He wanted me to fuck his ass. They all do, but I sucked his cock too. I rarely do that because most guys who want a hardcore ass fucking from a sexy shemale, do not have beautiful cocks. His cock got so hard when my lips touched his purple head. I made him cum, but when my big dick pierced his tight asshole, he got hard again. I drained his balls and his bank account. Sweet. We have another date tomorrow night. I love meeting new shemale lovers.

The Shemale Domination Porn Star Experience

shemale domination pornA date with a sexy shemale domination porn star means I am in charge. I have two sides to me. I am part bad ass bitch who loves to inflict a little anal pain. And I am part sexy GFE princess who is still a top, just a more sensual one who dominates rich sugar daddies who spoil me. I have a pet who is a glutton for punishment. His name is Trent. He gets to see both sides of me. He is super rich, but he is an anal pain whore with a small dick too. The first time we met, I fucked his ass in the bathroom of a gay bar because he would not leave me alone. I had no clue he was rich at that point because he was dressed down and in a working-class gay bar. He had a tight virgin ass though as I sodomized him with my ten-inch shemale shaft. My cock gaped his asshole. He moaned in pain as I fucked him bareback without lube. He fell in love with tranny phone sex that day. He has been my bitch ever since.

He has a BDSM dungeon in house. Rich slaves always do. He is a serious masochist. I charge masochistic pets an annoyance tax. He must pay for me to abuse him. Last night, he paid for cock and ball torture. He is a tiny dick loser. I am more of man than he is with my feminine body. First, I fucked his ass so I could cum. After I came, I whipped his cock and balls with a riding crop. I turned his tiny dick bright pink and red. Then I put on my highest stilettos and trampled his balls. I busted a nut. Most losers would scream in pain; however, a masochist begs for more. I used a horsehair flog on his clit stick and worthless balls to administer more pain. I found his threshold because tears welled in his eyes. He would not beg for mercy though. Masochists rarely do. Once his cock looked like raw meat, I bent him over and gave him a hardcore ass fucking with my 10-inch cock. He came so hard. That is the sign of a true pain slut.

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