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Married Men Phone Sex is What I Do Best

married men phone sexAlthough I am a sexy shemale, married men phone sex is one of my specialties. That is because married men are the bulk of my fans. It never amazes me how many married gravitate to me. There is the misconception that if you like a shemale, you are gay. Look at me. Do I look masculine? I took these two selfies to prove a point to a guy. Dressed up for a date, you cannot tell I have a ten-inch cock tucked in my panties. Naked, sure you see my sexy shemale cock, but I still look feminine, right? I have breasts, long hair, curves, and a hairless body. Gay men are attracted to men, not men who look like women. I am all woman but my sexy tranny cock. That is why married men love me. I am a sexy babe with a little something extra. Okay, so it is not little. The point is straight men are my audience. Maybe, I get an occasional bisexual male, but most of my fans would never date a man. They would not suck a cock attached to a man. They would not let some man fuck their ass. They would, however, let a shemale domination porn star fuck their ass and their mouths. I love married men. They always want my ten-inch cock up their tight assholes. They want that natural prostate massage. They spoil me in return. I do not mind being a dirty secret when I am the bitch in charge, and you are pampering me the way I deserve. You see, if you are married, the chances of you wanting to marry me are slim. Some married lovers get possessive, but no man calls the shots with me. That is why I am a top. Do not worry if you call me. I will never rat you out to your wife if you give me that tight asshole.

Rim Jobs Phone Sex: You Will Worship My Ass

rim jobs phone sexRim jobs phone sex is something you will experience when you call me. I am a dominant tranny. Rimming my ass is foreplay for me. I like to face sit because I can. If a man will eat a woman’s pussy, he can eat my ass too. I have a pretty puckered asshole and everything is smooth and clean. I am waxed head to toe and everywhere in between. I had a date Saturday night with a new guy I met through a friend. He did not strike me as the sexy shemale type. In fact, I thought he might be the kind of man who would put up a fight at the notion of eating my ass. He knew I was a tranny before we went out. Our mutual friend prepared him for that. Our mutual friend also told him I was an in-charge kind of woman. We had a lovely dinner date, but I still got no bottom vibe from him. I have over a decade of experience with tranny lovers and he did not seem like one. Turns out our mutual friend simply told him I was a special girl assuming he would know what that meant. He was shocked when he saw my sexy tranny cock. He was not scared. He was not angry either. He was just stunned that a woman as beautiful as me had a cock bigger than his. He was easy to get to worship my ass. I bent over and his tongue explored my body. Over my cock, under my balls and into my ass his tongue went. He was tossing my ass so well, I shot the biggest cum shot from my big cock with just a tongue in my ass. He loved rimming my ass. He loved worshiping my cock more. He was so far up my ass, he knew what I had for breakfast. Are you willing to be my ass servant too?

Posing for Tranny Porn Pictures

tranny porn picturesI love posing for tranny porn pictures. I do some sexy shemale modeling. Special girls like me are often multi-tasking in the adult industry. I do some shemale porn, escorting, nude modeling and this job. When you have a sexy tranny cock, you can make bank in the adult world. The vanilla world never accepted me. When I was posing for the photographer, he was asking lots of questions. He was young and he was a newbie to shemale photography. He had worked for a Big Tit magazine. Now, he is a photographer in the fetish world. I could tell he was digging me, but he was a tranny virgin. They are my favorite. He was younger than my typical lover, but if I am his first tranny I was thinking, I would set the bar high for his tastes in special women. I suggested we get drinks after the shoot was over. My hand was on his knee the entire time. We flirted. We shared sexual encounters. And after drinks, he was back at my hotel getting his first hardcore ass fucking. He was tight. His cock surprised me. He was a thin man. Not very tall either. His cock looked like it belonged on a man twice his stature and age. I let him fuck me too, which I never do unless the cock is worthy. It was worthy. Worthy of my ass and mouth. I converted another man.

Romantic Phone Sex with a Sexy Shemale Switch

romantic phone sexRomantic phone sex with a dominant tranny? It is possible. I know I am an in charge woman and I have a sexy big shemale cock, but I am still just a girl who loves to be spoiled and pampered. There are two types of men in my life. Wealthy men with big cocks who love to have a sexy shemale mistress to spoil and tiny dick losers who need a big cock in their worthless assholes. Which are you? Last night, I had met Donald. We have not seen each other since the pandemic hit the states. That is because he is from France and he could not fly again until recently. I was so happy to see him. He surprised me. He called me when he was already in his hotel. I showered, put on my sexiest outfit and jacked off so I would last longer with him. Then, I met him at the bar in his hotel. Only a few drinks before we were in his suite fucking. Donald has an above average cock at 7-inches. Smaller than me, but he is thick, and he is rich. I make some minor size adjustments for otherwise worthy men. He said that although there are sexy transsexuals in France, they are not as lovely as me. Flattery goes far with me. He loves a shemale domination porn star fucking his ass too. He goes both ways and I go both ways too when a lover is not some shrimp dick loser. Last night, his ass hosted my cock for hours. This morning, before I left his hotel, my ass accommodated his cock. He accommodated my wallet too by tipping me a few grand to shop. He is in town for a week. We have a date every night after he gets his business over with first. Going to be a great week for my wallet and my ass.

A Hardcore Ass Fuking with the Strangest Object I Ever Put in an Ass

hardcore ass fuckingSo, I picked up this guy who wanted a hardcore ass fucking from a shemale dominatrix. He asked me what was the largest thing that I had ever inserted in a man’s ass. Then he asked about the strangest thing I had ever put up a man’s back door pussy. I knew this guy was going to be a nasty freak. He wanted his ass ruined. I love to fuck a tight virgin back door. I am always down for a good ass fucking. Occasionally, my big shemale dick has not been enough. Some of these little faggot types have been shoving all sorts of things up their assholes since they were young boys. This guy I met on Grinder was just like those little faggots. I knew my ten-inch cock was not going to do much to his ass. I was prepared. I know how to give a hardcore ass fucking. One that will make even the nastiest anal freak beg for mercy. Walter may have been the biggest ass freak I have ever met. He told me he has had baseball bats up his ass, fists and even a rolling pin. I felt like he was challenging me. It was like he did not think I could give his ass what it needed. Silly boy. I once fucked a guy in the ass with a plastic dinosaur toy, a character from The Toy Story movies. The toy was left here by my nephew. He never asked for it, so I kept it. This loser, much like Walter, was baiting me and insulting my cock. He was “disappointed” that I only had 10-inches for his gaped asshole. I am a sexy tranny dominatrix, a bitch in charge. I do not let men bully me, especially not small dicked losers. I took that plastic toy dinosaur that was about a foot tall and 7-inches wide and fucked his ass with it. I got it up his ass so far, the green dinosaur tail hung out. That was the strangest object I ever fucked a man’s ass with, but it made my point. It was a hardcore ass fucking he would never forget. When Walter was acting just like that loser, I grabbed the strangest object I ever used for ass fucking and used it again. Walter was screaming in pain, but guess what? His little tiny dick was hard. Likely, it was as hard as it has ever been. I have a big dick, but when it is not big enough for a loser like Walter, I will use a big foreign object to ruin an ass.

hardcore ass fucking

Everyone Wants Shemale Phone Sex on Quarantine

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex is what you need. So many more men have become cock curious on quarantine. I thought perhaps my call volume would slow down along with the economy. I know my travel plans were put on hold. I was not able to see my sugar daddies like normal either. I figured like everything else in my life, I would have fewer calls per week. I may have lost some of my longer calls, but I have quadrupled my call volume. Men are horny, stuck at home and watching more porn. The two most popular fetishes in the porn industry are black cock porn and shemale domination porn. You are always just a keystroke away from either. Men are watching sexy shemales with big cocks dominate male asses. They start to Google shemales and end up finding women like me. Most men do not have as long to talk. Privacy is the biggest issue now, but men find ways to talk to sexy shemales. I have had men call from the basement, their backyard, their car, in the bathroom and late at night after wives fall asleep. If men want a sexy shemale, they find a way to get her. Look at me? You can see my sexy tranny cock, but if you did not see me naked first, you would not know about my panty surprise. You would not even guess it either. That is why I am so popular. Makes men feel less queer when the cock they crave is attached to such a sexy babe. The only thing masculine on me is my ten-inch cock. I am a dominant tranny, but if you are not a rude bastard, I can be gentle on your virgin ass if you want. I love talking to so many new tranny lovers. I hope when things get back to normal, I keep my phone sex tranny lovers.

Surprise GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexGfe phone sex with a twist is very popular. Men love being surprised. My most popular roleplay is being picked up by a guy in a bar and he is clueless about my sexy tranny cock until we are naked in a hotel room or something. Friday night, life imitated art. I was in a bar known for its queer clientele. The locals all know that when they pick up a woman in that bar, she may not be all women. This guy was from out of town and the club was in walking distance from his hotel. He was already tipsy when I walked up to the bar. He fumbled for his words as he tried to flirt with me. He was handsome and he smelled of money. I was okay with him being nervous. I let him buy me a drink. Conversation was easy for us once his nerves passed. He invited me back to his hotel room. I assumed he knew I was a sexy shemale phone sex gal. He did not. We were making out in his hotel room and when I took off my clothes, he was shocked. I thought he might get aggressive with me or verbally abusive. He was naked first and I loved what I saw. I was nice. I was not my normal bitchy dominant shemale self. He looked at me again after the initial shock wore off and said, “When in Rome.” In a rare moment, I let him fuck my ass. That was because he did not want my huge cock in his virgin ass AND he had a cock just a little bigger than mine. If you have a cock equal to mine, you can give me the hardcore ass fucking. I tucked my cock between my legs and bounced on his hard cock. It was a one-night stand, but one of the bests of my life.

Exhibitionist Phone Sex with a Sexy Shemale

exhibitionist phone sexI love exhibitionist phone sex. This sexy tranny loves to flaunt her hot body. I did a model shoot the other day. I often do photo shoots but this was not in a studio. It was at a pool near the street and near a busy strip mall. It started out as just a bikini shoot. The photographer asked me how daring I felt, so I lost my bikini top. Once I was topless, it was easy to become bottomless too. He started taking pictures of my sexy tranny cock. It got hard from all the attention. I was not the only one at attention either. I could hear the cars passing by. I could hear conversations in the not too far distance also. I pointed to my throbbing cock and the photographer got to his knees and sucked me off by the edge of the pool. He did not care who might see us and I did not care either. He said he has never done anything like that before. I assumed he meant suck a tranny cock. My cock was not his first T-girl dick. He has a thing for sexy shemales. He had never done anything sexual outside before. He did it all that day outside because I gave him a hardcore ass fucking too. In the pool, but the position we were in gave away what we were doing. People going to work got a show if they were paying attention. That is the beauty about exhibitionism nowadays. Almost no one pays attention. Too bad because they missed one hell of a show.

Sexy Shemale Phone Sex

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex is better with 2 sexy shemales. We no longer have as many hung T-girls working here as we once did, so I am trying to recruit some of my friends. Many of my shemale friends are escorts. Since the virus hit however, they have had more free time on their hands and less money. I am trying to convince Lila to work here with me. She is a T-girl escort. Her cock is not as big as mine, which makes her naturally submissive. I decided to see if she could handle my world. I made her my bitch. We started with her worshiping my ass. I am bootylicious. Thanks to Pilates and yoga, I have a curvy frame. I pride myself on being feminine looking. Lila prides herself on making her partner feel like royalty. I demanded to be worshiped like a queen. She licked my ass and sucked my cock better than any of you could. I have ten inches of cock meat when I am fully erect. That is more than a mouthful, but Lila could chug me down like a pro. Not her first time sucking cock. She has been all over the world as a sexy GFE. I have only done sexy gfe phone sex calls. She made me cum a few dozen times. Maybe if she had been one of my callers, I would have denied her the right to cum. But I love her. She is one of my besties. I fucked her tight ass and jacked her shaved cock at the same time. She had a huge cum. She said I was a better lay than any man she has ever had. That is just because I am a sexy shemale and two sexy shemales are always hotter than just one. If you want two shemales on a call with you, check out my pretty and dominant tranny friends, Mariana and Josie.

gfe phone sex

Tranny Phone Sex: I am No One’s Bitch Ever

tranny phone sexLooking for tranny phone sex? I have a ten-inch sexy tranny cock for you. I am not a bitch, however. That does not mean I do not take cock in my ass because I do. But there are rules. I do not let any cock below 8-inches in my back door. My lips do not touch a cock smaller than that either. Also, you must be a man to fuck me. Many guys who call me want to be disrespectful. That means they want to call me names and treat me like a freak. Men do not do that. Pussies and insecure tools do that. And tools, jerks, assholes and the lot get fucked by me. I am a dominant tranny and I demand respect. You call me to fuck me, you better man up and treat me like the goddess I am, or not only will my cock be up your ass, so will my fist and my foot. I only let men who can act like gentleman and who have a decent sized cock fuck me in the ass. It is clear in my blogs that I am not a bottom bitch. Yet, every day I turn the tables on some loser asshole who thinks he can treat me like a bitch because I am a phone sex slut or because I am a chick with a dick. It does not work that way. We have a submissive site if you just need to work out some aggression. If you call me, I assume either you just need a big cock in your ass or you know how to treat a woman, even a special gal like me. Once it becomes clear to me you were raised by wolves, I will go animalistic on your ass. I can fuck your ass so hard just on the phone it will make you walk funny, LOL. So, let us recap here. If you call me, you want a sexy shemale to give you a hardcore ass fucking, or you are a gentleman who knows how to spoil a special woman.

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