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My Phone Sex Tranny Beginnings

phone sexI am not just a phone sex tranny. I have been a shemale since I was 19. So many guys call me and are curious about how I became the sexy shemale I am now. I wanted to be a woman. I always felt like I was not necessarily gay, but just in the wrong body. I was tall and thin in high school. I was not athletic. I was smart and I had friends. I was not in the popular crowd, but I was not in the freaks and geeks club either. I did love raiding my mother’s closet.  I had a strong pantyhose fetish. I loved her panties, bras and high heels too. I would dress up and put on her make-up and I felt alive. I had a flair for make-up. I had long hair as a boy, and I styled it once with my mom’s curling iron and then I decided I was in the wrong body. My soul was female. My dad was not accepting of my decision to be a woman. My mom supported me though. I had been saving money for college, but once I got a full ride to school, I decided to use that money for a sex change before Kaitlin Jenner made it the talk of the town. I was told by the consulting surgeon, however, that I would lose some sexual feeling because I had a big dick. He said penis, but I do not have a penis. I have a sexy tranny cock. Cocks are big like mine. Penises are little things lol. Anyway, I decided to keep my cock and make the rest female. I used some of my college funds for boobs and hormone therapy and I started college as Carla. I love being a shemale domination porn star. I cannot imagine being anything else. So, that is my back story. Tell me when you became a shemale lover?

He Saw My Tranny Porn Pictures

tranny porn picturesHe had seen my tranny porn pictures. To say he was a fan is an understatement. He has been jacking off to sexy shemales for years, but he has never been with one. Not even on the phone. We had a chance encounter at a Starbucks in New York City. I do not even live there. I was just on a girls’ trip to see some Broadway plays and shop. Before Covid, we took the train to NYC once a month for a little fun. This was a long overdue trip. I was not expecting to meet a fan boy in a Starbucks of all places. I pulled him out of the store because I did not need everyone hearing him gush about my sexy tranny cock. Not everyone is a fan of us special girls like him. We were chatting outside, and he was begging me to fuck him. He said running into his Internet crush was a sign. Perhaps it was. I might feel the same if I ever ran into Daniel Craig at a Starbucks, LOL. He pulled out a wad of cash. Big bills too just to let me know he was serious about hooking up. He wanted one night with a shemale domination porn star to know how it feels. Rich guy. A Wall street banker. He seemed legit, but I asked him if he was a cop just to be safe. My friends would not mind me dipping out on them for a moment to make some money. That money he was offering me would buy us a few rounds of Broadway shows. I met him at our hotel suite. My friends went shopping. They knew I was going to have a client over. I am not a hooker, but this fanboy was offering me a lot of money to give him a hardcore ass fucking. It was easy money. I fucked him like a bitch. I gave him what he wanted. All ten inches of it right up his virgin ass. He came three times without me even touching his dick. I told him he may not be gay because I do not look like a woman. But he is definitely a beta bitch because he loved me in his ass. His money helped my friends and I have a great weekend.

Shemale Phone Sex Surprise

shemale phone sexAre you looking for shemale phone sex? I bet seeing me in this picture, you cannot guess my panty surprise, can you? This is how I was dressed when I picked up Brad at a party Saturday night. He said he had no clue I was a special girl. I was not in a place where he could easily guess what was in my panties. I was not at the party to pick up a man either. I was there to support my friend and meet her new beau. Well, her new beau invited some friends and that is how I met Brad. He took this photo of me actually. He was nice and flirty. My friend knew nothing about him and I did not want to ask her new guy if he thought his BFF would be cool with a chick with a dick. My friends do not advertise that I am a shemale domination porn star. I am just Carla, one of their best girlfriends. I have shemale and female friends. I was into Brad. He was nice. He was cool. We had a lot of same musical tastes. He invited me to a concert, one of my favorite bands too. I just did not know how to tell him. He came over Monday after our concert date. I was still nervous. Normally, if a guy acts rude or freaks out over the discovery that I have a bigger cock than they do, I just fuck them. Teach them some manners with my big 10-inch cock, but I liked this guy. I wanted him to like me too. I told him before we made out on my couch. He was not shocked at all luckily. He said it did not matter if I had a cock or a pussy. When he saw my cock, he was a bit scared. I was way bigger than he thought. His cock was way bigger than I thought. I am used to being the biggest cock in a room, but Brad was damn near a foot long. Problem solved. I sucked his cock and let him fuck my ass for once. That rarely happens. But that is only because I rarely meet men who have a bigger dick than I do. Do not fret. I am an Alpha girl, especially for all those men with dicks under 10 inches. I am so excited to have a big dicked lover in my own city for a change.

Shemale Phone Sex Fan

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex is the best thing you can give to yourself. Does it make you gay to be attracted to my sexy tranny cock? No. The majority of my callers and lovers are not even bisexual. They are not attracted to men. A chick with a dick is a different ball game, however. I am all girl with one glaring exception. It is a nice exception too. I am ten inches hard. I tuck well too so guys can never guess when they see me in panties or a bikini. I was swimming in my roof top pool. It is indoor so open all year long. Some of the condos in my building are Air B and B places, so new folks often at the pool. I like that, personally. I always enjoy an influx of new blood and new cocks. Troy is a businessman in town for a merger. He was relaxing in the pool with a bottle of beer. He chatted me up and I invited him to dinner. I am a good cook. He was happy to have something not delivered by Uber Eats. We drank wine, talked music and sports and fucked. I was not sure how he would react to my tranny surprise. It is always a gamble. Turned out he knew because he was hoping to run into the sexy tranny in the building. I guess his Air B and B host is a fanboy too. I was happy for the referral. He was a great cock sucker. He claimed I was his first cock, but I was not sure I bought that. He was just so good. I fucked his sweet ass, and he was an anal virgin. He had a tight asshole. I may have loosened it a bit with my hardcore ass fucking. It was a nice night. He is here for a few more days. By the time he heads home, his asshole will be nice and loose.

Shemale Phone Sex Secretary

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex sluts have the most fun. As a trans girl, 9-5 jobs have never worked for me. I tried. I went to college. I have a degree, but when I tried the real world job sector, it was not easy for me. Sexual harassment and transphobia were rampant. I gave up and have been in the adult industry ever since. Recently, a fellow shemale friend asked me to help her at her office while her secretary was stuck at home with COVID. I have helped her before. She is an architect and the CEO Of her own firm. She experienced what I did in the traditional work force, so she started her own business. It is just for a couple weeks, and I am not going to be harassed by the boss. I could make some extra money answering phones, greeting clients and looking sexy. One of her clients is obsessed with shemale domination porn stars and recognized me when he stopped by to pick up some plans. He had no clue his hot architect was a chick with a dick. He would not have known about my panty surprise if he had not seen me naked on the Internet. My friend told me to make him happy if I wanted because he was filthy rich and would spoil me. I spent my first day fucking her best client’s tight asshole. He could not get enough of my sexy tranny cock. I filled him with so much spunk it was leaking out of his ass. He has come by every day for a hardcore ass fucking from the sexy shemale secretary. He brings me presents and cash and gift cards to my favorite places. He is addicted to my ten-inch cock up his virgin asshole. He has been referring my friend lots of clients too. I almost think she hired me for the two weeks because she knew this would happen. I do not feel used though because I am getting so much out of this too. I am getting spoiled, and I am getting to drain my pretty shaved nuts in a tight asshole.

Tranny Phone Sex Times Two

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex is better with two sexy trannies. Raina and I have much in common. We are both sexy shemales. We both have big cocks. And we are both dominant trannies. When we get together it is always fun. Not necessary for our playmate, but always for us. What can I say? All that testosterone in are pretty big balls makes us Alphas. That means you would be our beta bitch boy. Just like Ricardo last night. This little bitch boi thought he could dominate us. His dick was maybe a fourth of either of our cocks. We had to put him in his place.

shemale domination pornRaina has a dungeon playground in her basement. It looks like a medieval torture chamber full of BDSM equipment. We took Ricardo to her dungeon to show him who we really are. I do not think he saw it coming. He did not realize we were not natural born women. We assumed he knew we were trans because we were in an LBGTQ bar. We assumed he was gay or at least bisexual if he was there too. He was not expecting to meet two shemale domination porn stars with bigger cocks than him. He thought we were fag hags. We were not sure if we should be offended or pleased, LOL.

dominatrix phone sexSince Ricardo was not happy we turned out to be chicks with dicks, he ran his mouth. Raina and I put him in his place though with our big cocks and a few whips and chains. Some bitch bois need to learn some manners. We whipped and fucked him into submission. We filled his tight virgin ass up with cum too. Initially, he was fighting us, but when Raina fucked his ass and I skull fucked his mouth, he began to moan like a bitch in heat. He did not come looking for dominatrix phone sex, but he got it because Raina and I are chicks with dicks and we are in charge.

Sexy Shemale Phone Sex

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex babes turn heads daily. Men always do a double take with me, and it is not because they are wondering if I am a T-girl. They have no clue about that. They just think I am hot. Most men find me the epitome of femininity. I work hard to look like a natural born woman. I grew my hair out naturally. I get manicures and pedicures. I do yoga and Pilates to stay in shape without bulking up.  I dress sensual too. Pretty dresses with high heels. Sometimes, I am in a bikini. Oh, and I have nice tits too. Wherever I meet a guy, he is giving me 110% of his attention. You would too. Just look at me! I was on the beach yesterday. Minding my own business and soaking up some rays. I thought maybe a cloud had obscured my sun, but it was an admirer. A younger guy. Legal age, likely some college boy. I doubted he knew about the ten-inch cock tucked in my bikini. He told me I was the most stunning woman he had ever seen. I was flattered, but it was not exactly an original line. I asked him to rub sunscreen on my back and he did so willingly. He was getting hard because he had a tent in his swim trunks. I was conflicted. Take him home and burst his bubble that I was not all female. Or maybe he knew and just needed me to take control. I took a risk and brought him to my beachfront Air B and B. He had no clue I was a tranny phone sex babe. But he was not upset to discover that I had a ten-inch cock. In fact, it was a pleasant present as he had always been curious. He was a virgin and a nice young man, so I went gentle on him and used plenty of lube. I may not be so nice to you though.

Hot Ass Sex with a Sexy Shemale

hot ass sexEver had hot ass sex with a sexy shemale? I love virgins. Nothing better than a virgin ass on my ten-inch cock. I met this younger tranny lover this week. He is the cousin of a friend of mine. Her and I went to visit him on his college campus because he goes to Northwestern which is in Chicago. I have not been on a college campus in forever. My friend and I took the train from Pittsburgh to Chicago. It was a nice ride. Left at 11 pm and arrived at 7am. We had one of those sleeper cars, which was my first. I never thought I would be fucking her 19-year-old cousin. I went because a train ride plus a few days in Chicago just sounded like fun. Her cousin was in awe of me. I was the first T-girl he had met. He admitted to liking shemale domination porn. My friend did not care if I fucked her cousin if I did not break his heart. I let him know that I prefer older men, but I was making an exception because he was so cute and a virgin. Not just an ass virgin either. He had never been with a woman, and he was a sophomore in college. He is a cute boy, just a bit of a geek. He is like Big Bang Theory smart.  I told him even hot women like smart guys. I could have gone hard on him. I think he kind of wanted it, but I was gentle. I fucked his virgin ass in his dorm room twin bed. He has a solo room. His ass felt amazing on my cock. I was dominant with him, but more romantic with him because he is my best friend’s cousin, and he was a virgin. I guess he still is. I popped his ass cherry, but his cock never entered me. Fucking his ass gave him some swag and that is all he needs to bang some coeds. Maybe I need to fuck some more men under 30. My dick loved that tight ass of his. You have a tight ass for me?

Shemale Phone Sex is What I Do Best

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex is what I do best. I love being a shemale. When I was younger, I thought I wanted to be a woman. You know, just born in the wrong body. I had a big cock, however. Even in high school, I was bigger than most of the white jocks. When I was 18, I had a consultation for a sex change, and ended up keeping my cock and getting a boob job. I started hormone therapy and worked on transforming my body into the sexy feminine body I have today. Now, I am in my 30s and living my best life as a sexy shemale. I am dominant boys. I may look soft and feminine, but in the bedroom, I am a top. That is because I have a ten-inch cock. I may have been different as younger guy, but I have never been a bitch. I refuse to be one now. Even though my blogs are clear that I am a dominant shemale. Even though when I meet guys, I am clear about not being a bottom, guys still try to dominate me. They fail to understand that I am also a shemale domination porn star. I will tear you a new asshole if you try to force yourself on me. I am a sexy bitch, but I am strong and mean when I need to be. Alex found out I am serious. I sent him to the ER like one of those episodes of Sex Sent Me to the ER. He tried to stronghold me and assault me. Not today, Satan. Not any day. I do not deal with bullies or bastards. I tied him up. He never saw it coming. I gave him an anal fucking raw he will never forget. Sometimes, you have to fuck some manners and sense into little bitch boys. Do not let my sexy appearance fool you men. I will dominant you. I will own you.

Posing for Tranny Porn Pictures

tranny porn picturesDo you look at tranny porn pictures? There is no shame in admitting it. I pose for them, and I look at them too. I have a lot of shemale friends. Most of us work in the adult industry in multiple capacities. I have a shemale model friend who recruited me for a tranny orgy film shoot. The pay was good and I thought it would be fun. The photo shoot was every shemale lover’s wet dream. It was a shemale gang bang. One little straight man and ten hung shemales. I know you probably get a hard cock thinking of a gang of hung shemales fucking your ass. I sure did love it. I thrive around my fellow dominant shemales. I am a shemale domination porn star and I got to be in action with other dominant T-girls. The guy in our little gang bang was loving it. He got to worship so many big cocks. His ass got pumped full of jizz a few times over. He was a virgin and now he has an asshole like an anal porn star. It was all loose and oozing cum. His butthole looked battered and used up. He loved it. We loved it. We got paid for the day handsomely because they were going to sell the pictures on a shemale porn site. It was easy money for doing what we love which is dominating little bitch boys like you.

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