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I Give a Hardcore Ass Fucking

hardcore ass fuckingIf you want a hardcore ass fucking, I will give you one. I am a dominant tranny. Do not let my pretty face and sexy body fool you. I am a bitch in charge NOT a bitch. This little loser called me last night talking smack about if I had tits, I was a bitch. I think he thought our call was going to go very differently. I give guys warnings periodically, consider this the warning for 2021. I do not care if you are paying for a service. You are on my time and I will not submit to you. I do not submit to anyone. Period. Even a man with a cock bigger than mine cannot make me his bitch. You are the bitch. And I will treat you like one if you try to dominate me. This is not a the client is always right or the client gets what he wants type of situation. I have blog after blog talking about MY dick in asses and mouths. That is because I have yet to meet an ass I did not want to fuck. Even though I only had phone sex with this little bitch last night, I have no doubt his ass is sore today. I can fuck you better on the phone than you could ever fuck me in person. Not that you would ever fuck me if we met. I am a 100% top. Even if you are a top too, you will not be with me. I do not have to fuck your tight back door pussy, but I sure as fuck need to fuck your pretty mouth. My cum must go somewhere, right? I am a sexy shemale. I am a dominant tranny. I have a sexy shemale dick. I am not a bitch. Make sure you understand who I am before you call because I do not do what you want. You do what I want.

More Shemale Phone Sex This Year

shemale phone sexYou know you want more shemale phone sex this year. I have the gift that keeps on giving. Giving you lots of cum and fucks. I am not one for resolutions. But I did vow to fuck more assess and mouths this year. That will be easy to accomplish too. Covid put a monkey wrench in my sex life. Now, I am a sexy shemale, it is easy to get laid. I pick up men in plenty of public spaces like Starbucks, dog parks and the gym. Sometimes, those pick ups lead to the best fucks. New Years Day, I bundled up and took my pups to the dog park. That is where I met the first man who I fucked in 2021. He knew me. He has seen my phone sex site, even some of my modeling pictures. He approached me. Told me this was the year he wanted to get a sexy tranny cock up his ass. Like many of my callers, he pays to talk to shemale phone girls. He watches shemale porn and he jacks off thinking about a shemale fucking his backdoor pussy. It was fate that we were both in the dog park at the same time. I brought him home and made his resolution cum true on day one of the year. It helped me with my resolution too. He had a nice cock. Not as big as my ten-inch sexy tranny cock, but big enough that if he wanted to fuck my ass too, I would not protest. He was a bottom only kind of guy. That is never a problem for me. I love to give a hardcore ass fucking. I drilled him into oblivion. He came about a dozen times leaving a sloppy mess on my living room floor. I will not let Covid control my sex life anymore. If I cannot go to a club, I can pick up a shemale lover anywhere.

New Year’s Eve with a Shemale Domination Porn Star

shemale domination pornHe wants to ring in the New Year with a shemale domination porn star. He booked me months ago. I spent last New Year’s with his brother. Apparently, they enjoy the same kinks. Bruce is the brother, and he is obsessed with shemale cock. I have a big one too. I am about ten inches when fully erect. I am bigger than both brothers combined.  I tried to give them a 2 for 1 special, but they do not want to share me together. No brotherly love between them, well not this kind of brotherly love at least. I am excited to fuck Bruce’s baby brother. I am going to assume his ass will be just as tight. Bruce treated me with class too. The best hotel with the best view of the city. Glass all around the penthouse suite, so I could see the city lights and the fireworks as I pounded his asshole. We drank the best champagne. He had the best cocaine for him and the best weed for me. He catered in an 8-course meal. It was a New Year’s Eve fit for a queen. Bruce got the hardcore ass fucking he paid for and I got to ring in 2020 in style. Little did I know that it would be the highlight of 2020 for this sexy shemale, LOL. But I am ready to repeat the celebration with Bruce’s brother and ring in 2021 with more ass fucking and cock sucking. May 2021 be a hell of a lot better, right?

Spanking Phone Sex Under the Christmas Tree

spanking phone sexAs a dominant tranny, I am into spanking phone sex. I love to punish a naughty loser. I do some professional dominatrix sessions, especially during the holidays. It is a great way to earn some extra spending money. I have not been able to see my sugar daddies because of travel restrictions, but plenty of losers in town who will pay me to treat them like shit. Why would I not shame and punish some tiny dick loser if he is paying me? I love to be a bad ass.  Rico is this professional beta bitch. Women, sexy shemales, he lets anyone dominate him. He has a three-inch dick. He is pathetic. A little man all around. He offered me $1,000 to spank him and utilize some cock and ball torture on his worthless equipment. I was happy to do it too. I am a shemale domination porn star. I love beta bitches. My home is all decorated too. Spanking him in it, front of the fire was a contrast to what I was about to do. Tree was lit, presents under the tree and a naked sissy faggot get spanked. Not exactly a Norman Rockwell painting. Rico is like a naughty Elf on a Shelf. He is a tiny man. So tiny, I could toss him over my knee and paddle his behind like he was a disobedient brat. I gave him 50 whacks to his ass and his balls. Bare bottom spankings left his ass bright red and his cock hard. He was begging me to let him cum. I do not suck or jack off small dick losers. I do, however, give them a hardcore ass fucking. Rico took my ass pounding like a little faggot too. He was moaning and jacking his little willy. I was not touching that pathetic thing. It was the Christmas present he wanted. The a big cum shot from a sexy tranny cock up his ass.

A Hardcore Ass Fucking Warms You Up

hardcore ass fuckingWinter has arrived and that makes me sad. I hate being cold. I hate wearing layers, but a hardcore ass fucking warms me up quickly. I am not talking about you fucking my ass. I am a top baby. I am a bitch in charge and I rarely take cock in my ass. When I do, the cock must be bigger than the 10-inches I have in my panties. I was cold as fuck and just as horny last night. I bundled up me and my pup for a walk in the park. Honestly, I was not looking to pick up anyone. It was 20 degrees outside and snowing. I just wanted some fresh air, and my dog needed some exercise. When you look like me, it is easy to pick up men anywhere, even in a parka and a snow hat. This one guy was hitting on me. He was the only guy out in the cold too. I know there was no way he knew I was a sexy tranny phone sex slut bundled up that way. I do not often take those kinds of risks in this climate. But I was horny, so I let my guard down and brought him back home. I made us some brandy to warm up, then we made out on the couch. Once out of my many layers it was not easy to conceal my 10-inch cock. I caught him by surprise. He had no clue I was a shemale. He was not into it. He did not react like a jackass. He was more like I am sorry, but I am straight. I told him gay men do not like me. I am way too feminine. I had his attention then. We talk for a few minutes, did some more Brandy and suddenly, he was game to try. He caved too soon. I know he was curious and just trying to portray the macho man, but if a man is really against a sexy shemale fucking his ass, he will not beg for it twenty minutes later. He warmed my dick up and I warmed his ass up with the biggest cum shot I have given any man in a while. Would you protest?

Hot Ass Sex with a Sexy Shemale

hot ass sexWant to have hot ass sex with a sexy shemale? Everything I do is hot. I ooze sex appeal. I am pretty. I am curvy and I have a ten-inch cock. Yes. I have a cock bigger than yours. Most men like that about me. My special package is my best feature. And it is the only thing masculine about me. I keep it shaved. My cock is hairless and smooth and so are my balls. When you give me head and you will give me head, no hair will get in your mouth. And when you lick my ass, no hair back there either. I pride myself on being feminine and sexy. Why? Because I like being a woman with a little something extra. I want men to look at me and not know I have a big cock tuck in my silky panties. I want to be the kind of woman you can be seen with in public and your friends would never guess that when we are alone, I am giving you a hardcore ass fucking. Are you aroused yet? Do not worry if you feel gay. I am here to tell you that gay men are not attracted to me. They want manly men. I am just a girl with a little something extra. A little something extra for your ass and something a little extra for your mouth.

Shemale Phone Sex Star for Christmas

shemale phone sexDo you want a shemale phone sex star for Christmas? Now is the time to make your holiday wish list. I am all about the naughty boys. The ones who instead of getting nothing for Christmas get a sexy tranny cock up their assholes. I started early this year. Normally, it is 12 days of giving this sexy tranny cock. Maybe it is the pandemic that is making me more gracious. I want to give back to all the assholes, small dick loser and mean boys. Good old boy types do not usually go for a special girl like me. In fact, they go out of their way to make life miserable for women in general. I am hoping these types of men will soon crawl back under their rocks. I will not let any man shame or humiliate me. I am a shemale domination porn star. I do not put up with naughty boys. I set Paul up. Catfished him on a dating site. The fucking asshole did the back handed compliments before we even had a date. You know what I am talking about, right? The compliment followed by an insult which nullifies the compliment. I am a dominant tranny. I do not let men boss me around, try to weaken my self-worth or own me. When Paul saw my sexy tranny cock, he responded exactly how I expected he would. I had to use my strength and a few leather restraints, but I gave that proud boy exactly what he deserved. A hardcore ass fucking. He screamed, so I put a ball gag in his mouth. I do have neighbors. Although it is nothing they have not heard before. I have a ten-inch cock. After a few minutes, I broke through his resistance. Typical of men like him. So many guys bitch and moan about special girls or the LBGTQ community, but once they get a big dick up their ass, they change their tune. Paul was day one on my naughty list. Who will be number two?

GFE Phone Sex Escort

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex calls. I have two looks. I can be a tough looking brunette or a blonde goddess. Either way I am sexy as fuck and always in charge. I have a bunch of sugar daddies. All kinds of men too, from all over the world. It is amazing how many countries have shemale lovers. Those countries may not be safe for shemales to live but that does not mean shemale fans cannot come to the US or call a tranny. I have a sheik I met a few months prior to the virus turning the world upside down. He came to America for business but made it a mission to look for a chick with a dick. I was in this LBGTQ bar when I met him. He came in with an entourage. Honestly, I thought he was in the wrong bar. Middle Eastern men have never been my thing only because I know special girls like me are persecuted in their countries. He came up to me and asked me if I was a shemale. With some muscle in the form of bouncers behind me, I told him I was. He showed me a briefcase of more money than I had ever seen at once. He made me a deal. He wanted the shemale domination porn experience. In exchange for one night with me in his hotel suite, I would walk away with the cash. I was nervous it was a set up, but he had a boner and kind eyes. Turned out, he was what he said he was. I gave a sheik an ass pounding for hours. I skull fucked him too. He was my bitch and he paid me handsomely. He is itching to get back to the states. Maybe soon. But until then, he fucks the dildos I send him while we face time. He puts money in my account after every call we have. I have him hooked on shemales and tranny phone sex.

Hot Ass Sex in a Virtual World

hot ass sexHot ass sex is what you get with me. I am a dominant tranny. I love fucking a tight ass. Right now, it is my social life and my exercise. This pandemic has closed my pickup place. I cannot work out at the gym. I cannot go to a concert.  So, I got on Grinder. I figured why not. Everyone else is doing it. Since I cannot meet men at bars or the club, I do it electronically. I have had some amazing results. Let me tell you first, if you are a man looking for cock, download Grinder. It is Tinder for gay and bisexual men. There are plenty of sexy shemales like me on Grinder too. I tend to scroll until I find a guy who I think is cute or hot. I read the bio. If he is a top, I scroll past him. I am looking for bottoms I can give a hardcore ass fucking. There are plenty of attractive bottoms on Grinder. When I have a choice between fucking a fat slob or a fit stud, well, it is no contest. I always pick the attractive bottom. I do not always meet men right now. Depends on how safe they are. Isn’t it funny? Last year I was worried about an STD. Now, I am worried about a respiratory infection. I met this great guy on Grinder last night. We face timed each other. He was set to come over, but he had a cough. I was like dammit. I was ready to go back to swiping when he pleaded with me to help him out. We live in a virtual world, so why not a virtual ass fucking. I had him grab his dildo. I told him how to position himself and made him take it all the way in. I mean I am ten-inches hard. He could not go half assed, LOL. I jacked off for him as he fucked his ass for me. Not the same as being inside a tight ass, but if that is the best I can get right now, I will take it.

Shemale Domination Porn Star Carla

shemale domination pornShemale domination porn? What you see is what you get. In my case, a hot chick with a 10-inch dick fucking your ass and making you her bitch. I am dominant tranny. I enjoy turning men into beta bottom bitches. I understand that not all my callers or lovers are submissive. Not all of them want to be a bottom. I have a sexy switch side. Some guys portray that toxic masculinity in the club or in public, but once we are alone, they are begging this big dick shemale to fuck their ass. Sometimes, men appear demure or submissive, but I get them home and they have a cock my size or bigger. Tiny men can have huge cocks. Big men can have small cocks. I have a few rules for who gets to top me, however. One, you must be a burly man. Two, you need a big cock.  Third, you need to be respectful. I never tolerate being called names or shamed. I am a sexy T-girl. Rugged men, Lotharios, men with big cocks have all been my bitches and unassuming men can fuck me.

But face it. Few men measure up to me and many men end up a disappointment. Dave was a take charge guy when I met him at the bar. Bought me drinks, bragged about his money and his job. He even insisted he had just what I needed. Once we were back at my place, the cat was out of the bag. I had a bigger cock than he did. His ego deflated before my eyes. He assumed because I was so feminine and sexy, I could not be bigger than his 6-inches. I like to be in charge if you have not guessed that by now. Dave had two options. Go home or worship my cock. He licked every inch of my perfect cock and my cum filled balls. He told me, “I’ve never done this before.” I have heard that before. I joked, “Cheat or suck cock?” I knew he was married but I love married men. They are my biggest fan base. I know he thought when he picked up this sexy shemale phone sex gal, he was fucking me, but he did not measure up. He was all bark and no bite. What about you? Will you be my top or my bottom? Not that you have the final decision.

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