From Their Asses to My Mouth

As a subservient slut, I am used in many humiliating ways.  One of those ways is to be used as a dirty, ass to mouth whore.  A guy who I am seeing, loves to have four-somes and make me suck his dick clean, after it is stinky and dirty from pounding his other girlfriends’ asses.  Sometimes his prick has a coating of shit on it and when it does, he grabs be by my neck and fucks my throat, until I gag on his dirty, smelly cock. His girlfriends laugh at me, while he uses me as their submissive, cock-cleaning-whore.  Tears run down my face, because he fucks my mouth so hard.  He cleans his thick, hard shaft with my throat. Then, he makes me lick all of their smelly asses clean.  Sometimes they all sit on my face and use my tongue to clean their asses.  I feel so dirty and so horny when I am forced to lick dirty, stinky, asses and suck shit off of my friend’s cock.

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