After School Tutoring

School has started back up again!! I’ve been so busy going shopping with Daddy to buy all new clothes. I have adorable new panties and some of the shortest mini skirts to show off my pretty, pink pussy. My plan for this school year is to be the sluttiest naughty school girl and use my teen body to show all my teachers (and maybe even the principal) that I don’t need to do math and science and all that to get good grades. It’s even working already! We had to do an assignment and instead of doing the boring problems, I spent the whole time slipping my hand under my skirt and pressing my fingers into my tight, wet hole. When I handed in a blank page, the teacher called me back up to his desk and asked why I didn’t do my work. I could see his thick cock growing harder and harder under his pants as he stared at my muscular, teen legs. I told him that there were some distractions in the room and I inched towards him, rubbing my hand up the side of his cock. He jumped back a little, but then stood to the side so that I could grip his dick through his pants without the whole class seeing us. He said he wanted to take be back to his house after school for some private tutoring. So, after I spent the rest of class showing off my pussy and giggling as he stared at my bouncy little titties through my shirt I went back with him to his house. He brought¬† me out to the pool and we started our lesson. Apparently, our tutoring session involved my horny teacher watching me strip of all of my clothes while he watched, jerking on his big, pulsating cock. I didn’t mind *giggles*. He watched me shimmy off my skirt and show off my barely legal body. I spread my ass cheeks open side and slid my fingers into my soaking wet pussy and up into my tight asshole. When he finally had enough, he came up to me and placed his hands on my titties, lying me right down on the ground by the pool. I slid my cunny down around his dick, stretching out my little hole. He fucked my little pussy, cumming inside of my wet kitty over and over while he squeezed and sucked on my hard little nipples. Now we have tutor sessions every Tuesday and Thursday – and I’ll have straight A’s and a pussy full of thick, yummy cum, all year long!

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