After Hours Extra Credit

I’m going to fail my class if I don’t do something!!! Oh no!! Please let me make it up to you, I’ve been a really naughty girl and I would love some extra credit. I slowly take off my mini skirt and tank revealing my supple breasts, nipples hard and erect. I walk over to you and take off your pants. Gently I stroke your cock with my tongue and lick up and down. Your eyes flutter back in your head as you feel the sensation of my hot wet mouth taking you all in. The site of my head bobbing up and down thrills you so much that you pick me up and clear your desk off to lay me down. I’m screaming at you to fuck me FUCK ME PLEASE!!! The heat rises and while I hold your delicious cock in my hand stroking, you start to suck on my titties. MMMMMMMM….it feels soo good. My clit starts to throb my pussy gushing juices in anticipation of your dick. Will I earn an A in your class? Call me to find out!!!!!!

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