Adult Phone Chat with Monika

Adult Phone Chat

I recently came to the conclusion, pun intended, that I am an edging addict. I love to edge men. I can’t get enough.

              I love seeing their faces as they squirm and beg and plead to let them cum. The best are the bargainers, “if you let me cum I’ll do this…” or, “If you let me cum I’ll buy you this…”

              Look, boys, I am in the game to win, and the prize at the end of all this is your cum. I love the massive explosions that result from edging for hours!

              The warm sticky, creamy cum is the filling to my day. It’s what gives me my warm and gooey center that you all know and love! So, no I don’t want you to buy me this or that. No, I don’t want you to bribe me or try to sneak your way out of my edge game.

              If I let all the poor pathetic men who thought that they could play my game, only to find out that 2 seconds in they already lost, then where would the fun be?

              So, what do you say, gentlemen, are you ready to test your bravado? Are you ready to let this itty-bitty girl tell you that you can cum only second before deciding otherwise? Then step into the ring and join in my world of edging! Bet you won’t lose.

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