Adult Baby Diaper Lover

Phone sex fetish

We forced him into diapers and taunted him for having such a little pecker. That fucker creamed all over my strap on! I had a gender reveal party for my sister Sunday and caught one of the guests jacking off to me and my friends. I guess we could have worn more suitable attire. I mean like, come on.. It’s hot out the less you wear the cooler you feel! That little loser had the smallest cock you could ever imagine! Lol since she was having a boy we decided to dress him in diapers and use him as the reveal. Poor thing!! The look on his face as we giggled at the size of his cock. He was literally no bigger than 2-3 inches! We forced him into watching us fuck each other with strap-ons while he sucked on Jenna’s lactating tits! Lisa thought it would be a perfect idea to slap him in the face with a heavy long cock and force feed him her thick dick! He slobbered and gagged all over her strap on. Then he started begging to take it up the ass. That’s when I got behind him and rammed his asshole while Jenna nurtured him. He looked so cute in a diaper and bib hahaha!

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    • Lolly on June 6, 2022 at 6:41 PM
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    I like to wear diapers and poop in them.

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