Abducted For Breeding

I have always believed in extraterrestrial life.The universe is to big and vast and there are far to may planets and moons and such for there not to be life somewhere else out there in all the galaxies
I have always believed in alien abduction even though I have never even seen a UFO in real life.
Not until recently that is. The first night I was awaken by a bright light out side my window, when I looked out I saw a huge craft hovering close to my house just sitting there. The lights were brilliant and I was mesmerized. It took of just as suddenly as it appeared.
The next day i chalked it up to a dream, I mean it couldn’t have been real, right?
A few days latter it appeared again only this time it transported me aboard. The beings were very human like only the colors of their skin were blue and purple and pink, kind of like a swirl.
They didn’t hurt me but they did examine me from head to toe. The next thing that happened was amazing, one by one they kissed me, sticking long tongues deep down my throat and ejaculating a fluid inside me. It didn’t hurt and it was actually an erotic feeling that made me cum over and over again.
I was given instructions that at midnight each night I was to find a man and suck his cock swallowing all his cum. They want me to suck every race I can get my hands on especially black cock, so I will do as I am told.  I would be transformed from midnight to four am every night from this day forward and I would be visited at four am every night.
I didn’t know why or what the purpose was then, but as it turns out they wanted human sperm to inseminate with their kind and to create a new breed of being. Each night at four am they would extract the cum from inside me, I would transform back to my normal self and wait until the next night.
It has been a crazy and exotic experience and I hope it doesn’t end any time soon.

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