A Stroll In The Park

shemale phone sex zettaIt was a beautiful day and I just needed some fresh air. My date canceled on me last night and I was sexually frustrated. A morning of masturbation hadn’t helped at all.
When I saw her I felt that sudden stirring and my nipples weren’t the only thing that responded. She was sitting all alone on the park bench in the cutest tennis skirt with a little tank top.
Sitting next to her I tried not to touch myself while looking at her out of the corner of my eye trying to decide how to strike up a casual conversation.
Finally she spoke first commenting on what a beautiful day it was.
When her hand casually brushed my hand I felt that jolt of electricity run through me. The longer we talked the harder it was to fight the urge to take her and drag her home.
When her hand brushed against mine for the second time I had to grab it. She smiled sweetly and I knew she wanted this too.
I took her home and as soon as we were in the door I pushed her up against the wall face first, pulling up her little white skirt and sucking her plump ass checks into my mouth. Running my hands up her body and kneading her hard nipples, I stood up and placed her hand on my now throbbing cock.
There was no hesitation she wanted it and I was going to give it to her, all of it…..

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