GFE Phone Sex


GFE Phone Sex


I just bought a new toy!  It’s a pretty, seven inch, purple dong, equipped with huge nuts and a vibrating insert.  When I saw it, and that bright color, I just knew I couldn’t leave the store without it!

It was really nice outside today, so I decided to play with my new toy out by the pool.  I grabbed my towel, my strawberry flavored lube, and my beautiful, new friend.  I didn’t even bother with putting on a bathing suit; I don’t like tan lines.  Besides, I would only be taking it right off so I can get acquainted with my new toy.

After slathering myself with sufficient sunblock, I lubed my purple cock and fed it to myself.  I loved the feel of my dildo’s veins sliding against my tongue.  I shoved the whole thing in my mouth, and rubbed the balls, just like I would if it were you.  I rubbed my clit, while I deep-throat my toy, and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I slid it up my pretty pink slit.

I loved seeing my silky cum all over my toy, but I wish it were you…

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