Anything You Can Do … I Can Do Better!

Shemale Phone Sex

The whole day started off in a rush, there was entirely too much going on. My sister was getting married and I was late to her rehearsal dinner because I missed my flight. So typical of me to let work hold me from my family once again. I was rushing off of the last flight and just had to head into the bathroom, hell I was already late. Not even paying attention I ran right into the men’s bathroom. I was in too much of a rush to go and wait in the women’s line and besides, the men’s room was empty.

I walked right up to the urinal pulled my skirt up and pulled my cock out, closing my eyes and enjoying the release I’d forgotten I was out in the open in the men’s restroom. The far off gaze he had on my dick startled me when I opened my eyes. Before I could reach the sink to wash my hands he was begging me to fuck his wife. He pulled out his phone and she was a hot bitch, I was sure he couldn’t have been fucking her right. We exchanged numbers and I was off to see my Bridezilla sister.

After the dinner I needed to release some tension bad, so I called Mr. Fuck My Wife PLEASE and headed straight there. I got there and she was waiting for me in nothing but a white lace thong, her tits were sitting so nice, the site of her was making my cock hard. I grabbed her by her chin and licked her mouth, shoving my tongue deep inside. I felt her sink into my hold and grabbed her ass tighter. I knew she was going to be such a good fuck. Pushing her hand under my skirt she eagerly grabbed my cock and moaned loud in my ear. I grabbed her little bubble butt and pushed my cock right onto her pussy.

She was on her knees sucking my cock like it was all she ever wanted. As she was sucking my cock trying to get me to cum, I told her I wasn’t going to fuck her until her husband begged me to shove my big black cock in her pussy. She looked at her husband with desire and need, he came to her rescue begging again. I bent her over with her face in his lap as he begged me to fuck her harder. I grabbed her waste and she pushed her ass back on me as she came all over my cock. I could feel her nut dripping down my balls and making a puddle between my legs. The mess was making me want to cum deep inside her needy pussy, she felt my dick stiffen hard inside her and she begged her husband for me to cum inside her. He was begging for my nut as I fucked her harder and harder, pushing my cock so deep inside her juicy pussy. I pulled her head up out his lap so her could see her eyes as I gave her all the nut I had in my big black balls.

He was rock hard watching his wife take all of my huge cock. Knowing he could never fuck her like that or ever get the chance to see that look on her face again without me, he asked if I could help him again. I could never resist a begging man… 

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