Very Special Delivery

Teen Phone Sex

Seriously I was so excited when I found out that the first stated to legalize puff would be one of my own. I remember voting for it but I, like everyone else thought it wouldn’t be too effective. They had all types of shops and services and the quality of products that they have now are out of this world.
I was surprised when I saw how fast I had gone through my stash, it was Sunday night and I just knew I would be without that night until I could re-up
the next morning. Just for shits I hoped on weed maps to check out who was up late with me. Found a 24 hour delivery service, I got a little peppy with the thought of good puff to end my hectic night. My delivery arrived within 45 minutes and was delivered by a huge black guy who looked like he belonged on a football field at school. He came inside to show me product and I ended up giving him some of my product for a trade of his.
With everything he brought with him laid out on the table, I opened my mouth on his cock and pushed it deep inside. I sucked his cock until it was hard and bouncing for more. We took a small break to smoke the bong he prepared while his cock was in my mouth. We went into round two high and needed to fuck each other hard, He pulled me into his big black cock and started grinding it on my clit. He was making my pussy so wet, I needed him inside me so I got on my toes and pushed his cock inside me. He trembled just a little bit as he felt how wet I had gotten for him. He fucked me hard with that raw black cock and I came all over his balls soaking the whole front of his shorts. He pulled out and shoved his cock and all of my pussy juices right into my pussy. Grabbing on tight to my ass he came hard! We had great timing because his pager was going crazy, must be his next delivery… He left me wondering if he made delivery calls with a capital D every time?

Barely Legal Phone Sex

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