Ready to explode !

I was in class the other day and i could not stop thinking about how bad I needed a fat dick shoved up inside me. I made it my prerogative to get my urges satisfied before my next class. Before I could do this I needed to grab some grub! Luckily for me when i walked into the café I saw exactly who and what I needed: a tall fine basketball player. The boys at school always chase after me but sometimes it’s the thrill of the hunt that gets me going. I had on a tight jean skirt and a white tank top so you could see my nipples. i got some fries first and when I walked passed him it was like he knew exactly what I wanted. He played hard to get but once I sat on his lap it was literally HARD for him to resist my offer 😉 . When I brought him back to my dorm he immediately picked me up and placed me right on the desk. He began to run his tongue all over my slippery coochie until I was about to explode! I was so fucking wet that it acted like lube when I grabbed a hold of his already stiff dick and guided it into my tight brown hole. It was like my asshole was hungry and swallowed him right up! Before I knew it, we had fucked for my whole two hour break. When I walked into my next class I had the biggest grin on my face. I could barely sit down without feeling the thrashing he gave my little ass before class.

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