50 ways to kill your lover!

I know what you need Steve.
Just listen to me please.
You need 50 ways to kill your lover.
Beat her until she is dead, Red.
Drown her in a lake, Jake.
Cut off her head Ted.
Please listen to me.
Smother her in bed Fred
Stab her in the back Jack
Throw her under the bus Gus.
No need to discuss much.
Please listen to me.
Give her the ax’s Max
Set her on fire, sire
Get him with the gun, Hun
Electrocute him to death, Beth,
Please listen to me
Throw him from the roof, goof.
Poison her food dude.
Break her neck, Rex.
And set yourself free!
Throw him from a train, Bain.
No need play the blame game.
I know what you need to be free.
It is 50 ways to kill your lover!
Glue his nose and mouth shut, slut
given an acid bath, thrash
Rip her apart, Art.
And set yourself free!
I know what you need, Reed
Its to be Free.
So kill that bitch Mitch.
And com play with me.

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