Your Wife Won’t Know You’re Here

Cheating Phone Sex

You don’t want your wife to know that you come see me every Saturday night in a nice hotel room with a high-end escort. You walk in as I am wearing my robe. You give me the money and I disrobe to show you the sexy red lace bra and panties that I bought for you. You grab my ass, pulling me closer, and rubbing your cock against me. I tell you to sit on the bed as I strip for you, slowly taking off my bra and bouncing my tits in your face. Then, I remove my panties while bending over to show you my ass, shaking it in your face. Your cock is hard, I can tell. I want to have some fun with you first. I remove your pants but not your underwear, rubbing my tits on your chest and grinding my pussy on the head of your cock. I can feel your cock throbbing from under me, making my pussy wet and soaking your underwear with my cum. I can’t tease you anymore. You take off your underwear and I ride your big cock. Your stupid wife probably thinks you’re working late as I’m bouncing on your dick. You grab my tits and come hard inside me. For what you pay me, I aim to please and, for what you paid me, I can pleasure you all night.

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