Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

Phone sex fetish

I love to give a good blow job. Mm sloppy toppy is my fav. The way a cock slides down my throat and makes my pussy pulse. Everytime I suck dick My pussy just spits out all these orgamsic juices. I am a fiend for a big throbbing cock deep down my throat. I love running my tongue up and down the slit and rubbing all the precum all over my lips! Kissing that cock from tip to base and wrapping my mouth around the shaft. I love the taste of the cum that comes out of those juicy tight balls. I feel so relieved and above all when I make a man cum down my throat. I know for a fact I pleasured him and he is satisfied! I love the taste of cum the way it oozes slowly down my throat. I like spitting it up and having it drip down my chin. Rubbing it all over my firm tits. I love getting down and dirty. My pussy is throbbing. I am so wet right now. Mm even if I have to deep throat my dildo while you stroke your cock.. The sounds of you cumming and telling me how better than your boring wife I am. Telling me how you have never ejaculated so hard before.. Call me baby for the time of your Life!


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